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Cannon Bar & Grill

2019 Nov 26

Open Time:


Galle Dutch Hospital, Hospital Street, Galle Fort


The white building which faces the beach on Hospital Street. (Cannon Bar & Grill is on the second floor)

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+94(0)91 2222238


Located adjacent to the beachfront, Cannon Bar & Grill is the epitome of a perfect Galle experience! What better way to enjoy the weekend with a chilled beverage, some decent food and – yes of course – a killer view?! Here’s how our experience at Cannon went down!




Pink Lemonade – LKR 650

We started off with a pink lemonade which was peculiarly sweet in my opinion. The drink had an overall artificial punch to it. However, it was a refreshing beverage to have on a humid day!

Moreau & Fils Rose D’Anjou (France) – LKR 1000

A definite must-try! While the wine looked exquisite with its rose petal hue, it tasted even more delectable with the wine’s velvety flavours which contained a strawberry touch coupled with raspberry, grapefruit and even a mild spice. It served as the perfect combo alongside the other dishes as well!



Chicken Satay – LKR 700

A personal favourite! I instantly fell in love with this Thai dish due to its unique peanut paste (Peanut paste makes everything taste better!) together with lemongrass and sesame oil. The boneless chicken was tender and juicy with layers of flavours courtesy of the marinade.

Punjabi Samosa – LKR 750 
The perfect bite to go with your drink! These Punjabi samosas were crispy and super crunchy on the outside (just the way we like it) and were super rich in flavour with their mixture of potato, turmeric, cumin, peas, cashews and nuts.  
Pro tip: Dip it in some mint chutney (thank us later)




Traditional Fish and Chips – LKR 1800

We decided to try out the restaurant’s traditional fish and chips – with being right next to the beach and all that. There was nothing really unique about this dish except for the hefty price. However, that being said – the fish was extremely tender and had a crisp beer batter tinge to it which was pleasantly complemented by Tartar Sauce (Sauce makes the world of a difference- as always!)

The fries on the other hand – were legit to die for! Known as ‘Steak Fries’ on the menu – this did not disappoint. Being a huge sucker for fries, I accept them in all shapes, sizes and seasoning. These beauties had the traditional crispy outside and warm, steamy inside! (Bingo!)  

While this dish was not the best I’ve had, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re not in a mood to really experiment your taste buds.


Classic Butter Chicken – LKR 1400


Yet another personal favourite, the classic butter chicken was, without a doubt, a definite classic! Paired with a portion of steamed rice, the mild yet creamy curry together with buttery chicken marinated in Greek yoghurt consisted of fenugreek leaves, garam masala, tomatoes, onions, clarified butter and Kashmiri chilli. The dish was exceptionally pleasing! I would highly recommend this dish, even though the restaurant is better known for its western dishes.


Chicken Cordon Bleu –  LKR 1750

Consisting of crumbed chicken breast and chicken ham topped with cheese sauce – the chicken cordon bleu appeared to be somewhat bland. Maybe if the meat contained more seasoning – the dish would have been worth its price. In all honesty, it was a tad bit too dry in my opinion and could use some serious improvements.


Fort Canon ½ Pounder – LKR 1600

Considered as a famous dish at Cannon & Grill, we opted for a ‘Fort Canon ½ pounder’ which is basically a beef burger containing 225 grams of ground minced beef. Before diving into this review, we’d first recommend you to try this on an empty stomach – the dish could take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from being pleasantly surprised to uncomfortably full!

Even though we technically couldn’t finish the burger, this was quite an interesting dish which included rosemary, thyme, celery and was accompanied by some good old BBQ sauce.

However, while I did wish it was a nice, juicy beef burger, it had a slight dryness to it which wasn’t a big deal due to the sauce. But nevertheless, the minced patty does have slight room for improvement in terms of spices.

That being said, the beef burger was overall a good dish and is definitely worth a try if you’re a big burger fan!


Service and Ambience

Located in the Dutch Hospital overlooking the beach, Cannon Bar & Grill is placed away from the hustle and bustle of Galle Fort. It’s got the best view which adds to the overall ‘relaxing and unwinding’ vibe of the restaurant. With an outdoor deck facing the endless, tranquil ocean blue alongside a cosy interior comprised of multiple seating options from separate booths to long wooden tables – Cannon Bar & Grill really sets the tone for unwinding in Galle!

The staff were extremely nice and were always up for assistance even though there were other customers. The service was well balanced.

All in all, Cannon Bar & Grill is a space you should visit on your next get-away to Galle. It’s got the perfect view alongside a variety of dishes to suit any of your cravings! Also, there’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold one and taking in the view before you – am I right?!


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