Restaurant Reviews Calorie Counter Havelock

Calorie Counter Havelock

2018 Jul 26

Open Time:

7am – 10pm (weekdays), 8am – 10pm (weekends)


No. 07, Havelock Place, Colombo 05


Right next to Capello Salons

Contact No



Walking into the new Calorie Counter outlet, we were greeted by hospitable staff and interior décor known to Calorie Counter. Since this outlet is relatively new, we were pretty much the only people inside; making us feel right at home!

The thing I love the most about Calorie Counter are their menus! Not only do they have a wide range of items ready to be served, but they also include the count of calories in each dish so you know your intake.


Berry Blaze – LKR 660

This drink is super light and refreshing! Upon speaking to the owner, he mentioned that sugar from fruits (fructose) is a really good substitute for sucrose that is harder to break down.

Consisting of strawberries and apples, the flavors compliment this drink incredibly well. The tang from the strawberries goes well with the sweetness from the apple, in turn making this item a healthy refreshment!

Kickstarter – LKR 690

Moving onto a more alkaline drink, the Kickstarter is a great drink to “kick start” your meal/day with. This drink consists of many elements such as mango, raspberry, curd, milk, honey and thambili! A little thick in consistency yet light on the stomach, this drink is very cooling and filling! Definitely a must try if you want to detox your bod.


Mediterranean Chicken Wrap – LKR 350

For LKR 350, this dish is incredibly worth it! You can enjoy two medium sized Atta wraps with lemon hinted chicken, coriander and tomato. The coriander brings out the lemon hinted flavor within the chicken, which words simply cannot describe! Incredibly fresh, delicious and worth the buck.

Grilled Chicken – LKR 600

My oh my, was this sandwich a sight! For LKR 600, Calorie Counter serves an enormous sandwich that I couldn’t even take a proper bite off of! This dish has good presentation since it has layers of different elements, topped off with bright pomegranate seeds.

We got two brown bread sandwiches that consisted of avocado, cabbage, lettuce, pomegranate, tomato and green apple! Although there are quite a handful of elements in this dish, everything blends well together.

Whether it’s the creaminess from the avocado, the crunchiness of the lettuce or the tang from the green apple; no flavor overpowers the other. Calorie Counter has successfully constructed healthy and equally delicious sandwich!

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken – LKR 850

Personally, this was my FAVOURITE dish from the lot. Not only was it the most delicious, but the fact that it was healthy was an added bonus! This dish had the best presentation with two chicken breasts laid on top of another on garlic infused honey mustard, topped off with pineapple and watermelon salsa alongside a small quantity of couscous and boiled veggies.

The chicken was the star of the dish and it stole my heart! The crispy, golden-brown skin with super moist chicken meat along with a dab of honey mustard…my taste buds died and went to heaven! For every meat lover out there, this is a must try.

The only downer in this dish was the couscous. It tasted very raw and dry and didn’t go well with the moist chicken and the well boiled vegetables. Other than that, this dish is on point!

Shakshuka – LKR 900

This dish consisted of chicken, green chili and poached egg Shakshuka that came with a side of mixed greens and kurakkan bread. The chicken is super moist and is bathed in an abundant amount of tomato puree. The puree is incredibly tangy and sweet which could be a little strong on the palette, however if combined with the creamy eggs and the spiciness of the chili, this dish tastes incredibly good.



I was not entirely happy with the desserts from Calorie Counter, firstly because we were served our desserts before our meals and secondly because it felt like the desserts were refrigerated for a couple of days.

Banana & Strawberry Granola Parfait w/ Almond Butter & Creamy Curd – LKR 450

As appetizing as the picture on the menu looked, we got a water-y, clumpy version of this item. The Granola was extremely soggy, the parfait was bland and the fruits weren’t exactly fresh. For the price of this item, I have to honestly say I expected more.

Fruity Curd – LKR 340

Cheaper than the Parfait and slightly better tasting, the textures in the Fruity Curd blended well. This item consists of strawberries, grapes, mango and almond; which appeared to be fresher than the previous item. The fruits complemented the curd however the soggy granola did not.

All in all, our experience at Calorie Counter was good. If not for the desserts and the fact that they were our first items than our last, Calorie Counter would be on the top of my list. However do not let that stop you from trying out their many other delicious and healthy dishes!

Tip: their Grilled items are the bomb! Try them out!


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