Restaurant Reviews Cajun on Wheels

Cajun on Wheels

2019 Mar 14

Open Time:

11am – 11pm


4, Bullers Lane, Colombo 07


Opposite the Embassy of Egypt

Contact No



A gastronomic seafood haven!

Cajun on Wheels (C.O.W.) has been around for some time now and they still seem to be keeping up their standards. The Singaporean franchise aims to offer authentic Creole Seafood and is conveniently located down Bullers Lane.
They have ample seating; inside you have the interior of a shipping container which is air conditioned, outside are plenty of barrel-made tables and upstairs is another outdoor area ideal for dates and friendly gatherings.
Taking a look at their vast menu, we were at a loss as to what we should order, but with the help of their super accommodating staff, the process was made easy.


Passion Fruit Juice – LKR 300

With a mix of both sweet and sour elements, the Passion Fruit Juice was very refreshing. It was a great accompaniment to the Poseidon Bucket (more on that later). It was quite a tall glass as well, lasting our entire meal.

Watermelon Juice – LKR 300

Cajun does a great Watermelon Juice! It was aptly seedless and the taste of watermelon was very evident as opposed to most watermelon juices out there which are heavily watered down. Just the right amount of sugar was added and we were super pleased with this beverage too!


Loaded Fries – LKR 520

This dish consisted of thick cut fries with plenty to go around, topped off with a topping of your choice. They have a variety of sauces ranging from Sri Lanka Jaffna Curry to Singapore Chilli Crab, Herb and Butter, Salted Egg Yolk and much more! We opted for their classic Cheesy Cream which did absolute wonders to our Loaded Fries with its smooth velvety texture. We highly recommend this!

Fried Mushrooms – LKR 350

Totally worth your buck, this appetizer contained button mushrooms, deep-fried in a flavoursome batter. While the mushrooms were a tad bit bland, the seasoning of the batter and complementary dip made up for it.


Prawns Roll – LKR 880

Unfortunately, this dish was the disappointment of our meal. Starting off with the filling, the shrimps were cooked well, but they were bathed in a mayonnaise topping which had copious amounts of chopped parsley. The parsley completely overpowered the taste of the seafood and the bun to filling ratio was way off. Even the accompanying coleslaw was made with too much mayonnaise, making it hard to differentiate between carrot and cabbage. The thick cut fries however acted as the silver lining, so it wasn’t a total disappointment.

Poseidon Bucket – LKR 8900

The winning dish – or might I say winning bucket of our meal! The bucket contained Sri Lankan crab, prawns, white clams, mussels, sweet corn, potatoes, and as if that weren’t enough, the bucket also contained chicken meatballs. All these elements were cooked with a Sri Lankan Jaffna curry which will have you licking your fingers. The meat and potatoes were cooked very well, but the sweet corn could have used a bit more steam time. This bucket is ideal to share among friends and is a must try for all seafood lovers!

Not pictured here are a side plate of warm crispy roast paan and a side dish of pol sambol with which we went to town with. Dip the bread in the heavenly curry for a truly Sri Lankan treat!

C.O.W. doesn’t have a dessert menu but that’s probably because of the size of their portions. We were too full to need dessert anyways.

All in all, Cajun on Wheels has done a great job at catering to the Sri Lankan taste bud and the majority of their menu promotes sharing. The restaurant is also family friendly: they have high chairs for kids and mixed platters ideal for families.

They also have you covered in case things get messy with their customised bibs so fear not, a true seafood experience awaits you!

Have you been to Cajun on Wheels yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Try the Poseidon Bucket, you will not be disappointed!


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