Café Nuga

2018 Apr 5

Open Time:

11.30am – 10.00pm


69A, Green Path, Colombo 07


On the crossroads right before Cinnamon Red

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Delicious, healthy & guilt-free!

Café Nuga is Colombo’s latest initiative that focuses on catering to healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Promising organic food and plenty of vegan options, the quirky little restaurant, with its ample seating and aesthetic décor, is a health-conscious, timely, and a much needed welcome to the streets of central Colombo. Their menu is extensive, including Mexican fare, pastas, burgers and much more.


The drinks range from fresh juices to ice teas, everything made in-house and fresh.

Pomegranate Juice – LKR 450

The large glass of brown liquid that came to our table when we ordered the pomegranate juice didn’t look particularly appetizing but it sure tasted great! The perfect balance between the tangy pomegranate and the sweet sugar syrup made for a great cool-down on a hot day, the only let down being the little pieces of blended pomegranate seeds that kept interrupting an otherwise great experience.

Lemongrass inspired iced tea – LKR 300

Now we were aware that the iced tea wasn’t lemongrass flavored but rather inspired but it was a little too watery for our liking. Whilst the glass was presented beautifully, and served chilled – making it a great way to beat the heat – the contents of it tasted very much liked cooled green tea.


You’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice while picking what to eat but don’t be afraid to experiment and try the unusual things on their menu!

Grilled Chicken Tacos – LKR 790

Boy, was this something to write home about! Presented in a beautiful blue plate, the three soft shell tacos were accompanied by a leafy green salad and sweet potato chips. From the succulent and well-seasoned chicken to the delicious tangy sauces, the dish was perfect beyond measure. The tortilla used for the tacos had a ore rubbery roti-like consistency but we put that down to the hand-made goodness of the dish and absolutely smashed the entire serving!

Seafood Salad- LKR 900

An incredible combination of grilled prawns, calamari and fish tossed in with salad leaves, avocado, grilled garlic and much more, the seafood salad was a healthy yet delicious alternative to regular lunches. Dressed in a light vinaigrette, the textures and flavors of the salad all combined beautifully to bring to us a salad that we’ll definitely be re-ordering.

Thai Style Chicken on a Beetroot Burger – LKR 860

A red burger? Hells yes. Their beetroot burger is not only made from scratch but is also aesthetically pleasing and quite delicious. Served with sweet potato chips that are thinly sliced, crispy and well-seasoned, the burger is made of a slightly dry and crumbly bun, succulent chicken pieces, cheese and pickles. Whilst the tall contraption proves to be a little difficult to eat, the burger itself has a great balance of flavors and works well for something so unconventional.



Café Nuga also has their own little organic shop that sells tons of things like organic canned fruits, oils and curries so you can enjoy the goodness of the earth even at home. They’re pretty new but their service is fast and friendly and though operations could use a bit of polishing from here and there, Café Nuga seems like an already-reliable spot to grab a filling, healthy and scrumptious meal.

Tip: Definitely try the Grilled Chicken Tacos!

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