Cafe Blanca

2019 May 29

Open Time:

11.30am – 10.30pm


401, 14E Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 00500


Next to Deanna’s School of Dance

Contact No

076 524 3477


A hidden gem in the heart of Colombo!

Walking into Cafe Blanca, we were awestruck by its cosy architecture and aesthetic interior. A spiral staircase expanding 2 floors up, mix-matched furniture, Edison bulbs, and the interactive mandala wall were all well-thought additions to the one-of-a-kind experience Cafe Blanca offers. What’s more? Their menu features exciting dishes, and we were pretty excited to give it a try.


Cherun Shakes – LKR 400

A popular choice amongst all cafe-goers, the oreo shake is a fast sell-out at Cafe Blanca as well. Served with crumbled oreos on top it’s pleasing to the eye. However, we found the balance between the chocolate, milk and oreo to be unflattering. For an oreo shake, this was a little too milky. Although, noteworthy is that it was the perfect amount of sweet unlike other milk-based beverages found in many cafes around Colombo. Don’t let this discourage you from ordering the Cherun shakes. The staff is more than accommodating of your needs so be sure to let them know if you prefer a little more chocolate than milk.

Lime and Mint – LKR 350

Choosing to beat the heat, we opted for a classic Lime and Mint. It was the perfect thirst-quencher. The citrus flavour of lime blended perfectly with the mint, giving an oomph of freshness. A touch of salt to balance the citrus flavour was the ideal addition.


Cafe Blanca keeps its appetizer options simple, exciting and flavourful!

Ari’s Wings – LKR 650

In all its honey-glazed glory, this dish looked like absolute heaven! A shareable portion of bbq chicken wings accompanied with mayo, the flavour was to-die-for! Although the meat was slightly overcooked, the flavour definitely made up for it. Sweet, spicy, slightly tangy, crunchy, and chewy, this dish ticked all the right boxes. The chewy meat paired with the lip-smacking sauce was our second favourite here!

Lucy’s Lettuce Wraps – LKR 500

The lettuce wraps are a DIY dish which consists of a spicy minced chicken mix and fresh lettuce along with a sweet chilli sauce. Nestled on the fresh lettuce, the chicken mix leaves a spicy aftertaste. The crunch of the fresh lettuce paired with the spicy chicken and sweet chilli sauce is not only texturally appealing but also immensely flattering in terms of flavour. For an appetizer, this came in a hearty portion as such is definitely worth your money. Jampacked with flavour and freshness, this was our favourite dish at Cafe Blanca!


The mains at Cafe Blanca features unique dishes that are truly authentic to Cafe Blanca itself. They’ve put together a selection of hearty dishes. Not compromising on quantity or flavour, the dishes are mostly either wraps, sliders or sandwiches.

Gangu’s Sliders – LKR 550

This dish comprised of two mini burgers with spicy mashed potato patties as well as caramelized onions and a green salad. The star of this dish was definitely the green salad. It was fresh and dressed to perfection. 10/10 for the salad. However, the main component of the dish lacked balance in terms of its texture. The bun, we felt was a little too dry. However, the flavours worked well together.

Kyler’s JP – LKR 700

If you’re looking for a dish to fill you up, this is it! It is an oven-baked potato dish, stuffed with a creamy chicken base, and topped off with baked beans and sour cream. Although the potato could’ve been softer, it was definitely a delight to dig into. The taste of the creamy chicken and the slight sweetness of the baked beans as well as the sour cream enhanced the flavours of this dish. And we hear that it is one of the best dishes here at Blanca!


Chuti Cheesecake – LKR 450

Served in a large yellow cup, this can easily be shared amongst two. It is a non-baked cheesecake with a crumbly base. The cheesecake had a surprise tangy taste to it, which balanced the sweet milkiness of the dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love it!

Cafe Blanca is a well-thought little eaterie down Malalasekara Mawatha. From the moment we entered the premises to the time we left, we loved every aspect of it. Their cosy interior, the flavourful dishes, and even the plating of each dish is given utmost attention into detail. What we loved most about Cafe Blanca was their rooftop seating area. Ideal to let loose and relax in, it is a cosy little spot to hang out in. Jenga, card games and other board games will surely keep you entertained during your time at the cafe!

Tip – try their lettuce wrap and colour your own mandala.


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