Restaurant Reviews Café at One – Platinum Suites

Café at One – Platinum Suites

2019 Jun 11

Open Time:

7am – 10pm


01, Bagatalle Road, Colombo 03


Located in the same complex with the Nike showroom

Contact No

011 757 0000


Walking into Café at One, we found a few tables lined up outside just in front of a live-action kottu station. The interior of the café was small, with very limited space to my liking. One side of the café was lined up with a few tables and chairs whereas the other side of the room consisted of the food on display and the chef’s prep station. On first sight, Café at One looks like the average bakery you’d rush to on your lunch break, however, don’t let that stop you from trying out their food!

Aside from the visual aspect, the employees at Café at One are very helpful. The Head Chef will take the time to educate you on what goes into the dishes he makes and will check on you for whatever feedback you may have. Kudos to that!





Lime & Mint Cooler – LKR 200

Although on the cheaper side compared to cafes around Colombo, this drink was absolutely disappointing. The Lime & Mint Cooler lacked flavour and acidity, and was too watery to pay 200 bucks for. We noticed the ground mint leaves floating around but sadly that contributed no flavour as well.


Pineapple Juice – LKR 200

Thankfully, this drink had some flavour since we were dreading that this would be bland as well. Presented with a slice of pineapple, the pineapple juice was fresh, light and not too concentrated. For all you pineapple fans out there, this is a great item to wash your food down with!


Strawberry Milkshake – LKR 200

Although it wasn’t exactly extraordinary (then again, we’re speaking for merely 200 bucks), the Strawberry Milkshake isn’t something to complain about. A little denser than the previous juices, the ratio of strawberry to milk was perfectly balanced. The strawberry flavour was noticeable and wasn’t overpowered with milk. Definitely worth the buck.


Papaya Smoothie – LKR 200

 Eager to try a fresh fruit smoothie, we had a go at this drink. However, I have mixed feelings about it. The papaya smoothie was so dense that made it difficult to suck it out of the straw. Regardless of the consistency, the smoothie also left a weird aftertaste in my mouth and it wasn’t pleasant. 




Cafe at One offers special Roast Paan/Roti sandwiches throughout the day, where you can customize what goes into your sandwich and have it made right in front of you, with the option of choosing Roast Paan or Roti. Roast Paan and Roti are classics amongst us Lankans and the sandwiches at Café at One’s are one of their fast moving items! The best part is, they taste as good as home-made food and are hot-hot for Rs.150!


Salmon Roti Sandwich – LKR 150 


Presented with a garnish of curry leaves, this dish consisted of two Chapatti Rotis, filled with a generous volume of freshly cooked salmon, fried onion, cheese, karapincha, etc. Cut into four, the Roti sandwich was extremely soft, slightly spicy and incredibly flavorful.


Salmon & Cheese Roast Paan Sandwich  – LKR 150


Similar to the Salmon Roti Sandwich, the only difference with this item was the use of Roast Paan instead of Chapatti Roti. The item consisted of two fresh Roast Paan sandwiches that require more biting than the previous dish.


Tempered Coconut Sambol Roast Paan Sandwich – LKR 150


Also known as the Pol Sambol Sandwich, this dish was wonderfully presented with curry leaves and fried onions. The sandwich consisted of pol sambol, a generous amount of cheese and dices of fresh coconut – that I personally loved! Definitely a go-to.


Seeni Sambol Roast Paan Sandwich – LKR 150

Also consisting of two sandwiches, the Seeni Sambol Sandwich was mildly spicy with a creamy cheese filling mixed with homemade seeni sambol. Contributing to texture, this sandwich also had diced coconuts, giving that fresh feel of authentic Lankan homemade snacks.




Specializing in Lankan classics, Café at One consists of a live-action kottu station set up in front of the café, whipping up delicious kottu dishes! This station is available only during the evenings, so make sure you stop by and treat yourself to a scrumptious kottu feed before heading home!


Chicken & Cheese Kottu – LKR 600

The mountain of kottu was packed with many elements ranging from carrots, leeks, juicy chicken, copious amounts of cheese and curry leaves. Although it may look like a small quantity at first, this dish is very filling and worth your money. The kottu was extremely flavorful and moist, and although we wanted a second serving, our tummies were already full!




One of the best things about Café at One is that they have a wide range of pocket-friendly dessert options to choose from. Ranging from cakes to macaroons, not only do they serve quantity, they serve quality just as well.


Domino Cake – LKR 300

If you’re looking for an array of flavour in one item, the Domino Cake will do the trick. This item has 3 layers to it – starting from a base of chocolate tart, with a middle layer of sponge with buttercream, topped off with a smooth, chocolate-y ganache. This cake will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


Blueberry Cheesecake – LKR 400

For 400 bucks, this has to be among the best (and cheapest) cheesecakes I’ve had! This item consisted of a creamy cheesecake filling with a base of chocolate crumble, topped off with fresh blueberry puree and blueberries. The size, contrast in flavour and texture made it worth the price!


Red Velvet Cake- LKR 300

For 300 bucks, I highly doubt you’d find a big slice of good red velvet cake anywhere other than at Café at One. This cake was moist, slightly sweet and was topped off with rich cream cheese.


Flavoured Macaroon – LKR 100 each

Café at One has a range of flavoured macaroon, priced at LKR 100 – ranging from lime, orange, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate and more.


Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the macaroons simply because they lacked flavour and softness. The only macaroon that I happened to taste some flavour was the blueberry and chocolate macaroons. The rest tasted like sweetened biscuits, with no exclusive flavour to them.

All in all, we had a pleasant experience at Café at One. Since they’re relatively new, they do have room for improvement, however, they do whip up some delicious Lankan dishes that will leave you craving for more!

Tip: Try the sandwiches!


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