Restaurant Reviews Brunch Buffet at Ports of Call, Taj Samudra

Brunch Buffet at Ports of Call, Taj Samudra

2018 Aug 13

Open Time:

12.30 pm to 3.30 pm


25, Galle Face Center Road, Colombo 03


At Taj Samudra

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On first look itself, Ports of Call has amazing architecture made especially for storing its fine wine, reaching all the way to the ceiling! Walking past the modernized wine cellar, Ports of Call greets you with its calm and soothing ambience, opening up to the pool at Taj Samudra. This restaurant is filled with matching décor but let’s be real…we’re here for the food.

Consisting of a wide range of food items, the restaurant presents its dishes exceptionally well, utilizing all available space in the room! Making our way to the table, we were floating in the aroma and simply couldn’t wait to start hammering.


Along with the buffet, you get an unlimited amount of drinks that are placed right at the entrance.

Passion fruit and Orange Mocktail

Arriving at our table with a bright yellow hue, this drink was amazing! Personally, I’m not a big fan of passion fruit since it’s too sour for my preference. However, the mix between the orange and passion elements in this drink were well balanced. Not too sweet, not too sour, this drink was the perfect balance!

Iced Coffee

Of course, there’s always iced coffee! As a Sri Lankan favourite, not many people are able to concoct the perfect glass of iced coffee, with Taj being an exception. On sight, I expected this drink to be a little thick and heavy on the stomach, but surprisingly it was very light! Most iced coffees tend to consist of an overpowering condensed milk flavor, but with Port of Call’s drink you can actually taste the coffee beans! If you’re still feeling lazy and lagging behind this Sunday, this coffee is sure to give you an extra boost.

Indian flavored Lemonade (Jal-Jeera)

At first I was confused as to how this drink could be lemonade since it had a blend of bright colors, after which I learned that it was a special Indian drink. I was also told it consists of oranges and grenadine syrup, making it the sweetest drink out of the lot. The sugar content was not too overpowering and the drink was refreshing and light in consistency.


Words seem to fail because the spread at Port of Call was absolutely magnificent! Although I had the appetite to wipe out the entire place, my limited gut seemed to say otherwise. Mentioned below is what we had; but keep in mind, these items weren’t even half of what was available.


On the plate: squid, oyster, salmon with red caviar, salmon gravlax, prawns and cuttlefish

The seafood at Ports of Call is absolutely splendid! All seafood items are incredibly fresh and succulent, making you want to go back for more! My personal favorite was the salmon! They say “real men eat it raw” and the salmon at Taj is best eaten fresh! The red caviar added more flavour and crunch and the salmon gravlax was out of this world! Along with the salmon, we had a range of other seafood items that were simply fresh, well cooked, succulent and well flavored.

On the plate: assortment of Sushi and Somen Ramen

Unlike most buffets, Ports of Call offers a larger range of sushi at hand. With a range of wasabi and complementary sauces, the sushi was BOMB. The Somen ramen came in the right quantity alongside a glass of mixed sashimi! Arigato Ports of Call!


Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Tikka, Gosht Kali Mirch (mutton), Char Grilled Lamb Chops, Paneer Kali Mirch, and Kumbh Palak (Mushroom)

Now this is where the magic starts. The items on our plate didn’t even account to 40% of the different items on the spread but we went all out! The fried rice was so delicious that it could be eaten clean off the plate. The meat ranged from chicken and lamb to mutton and more. The lamb chops were incredibly succulent and well done, the mutton was spicy and delicious and the Paneer was so fresh that it was soft and not clumpy.


Sweet Pittu

Now this is something new! This restaurant has a separate action station dedicated for the preparation of sweet pittu; which consists of so many elements such as beetroot, carrot, cherries, condensed sugar and caramel topping. I was a little skeptic because I like my pittu with coconut and beef curry, but woah! Bringing a Sri Lankan twist to desserts, this item tasted amazing! Shifting a little towards the sweet side, you could compare this item with moist, sweet cake.

By the time we finished with our feast, the buffet was closing. However the lovely staff at Ports of Call kept the spread open for a little more longer so we could enjoy the icing on the cake; dessert! The cheesecake was absolutely heavenly, being one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had. The cream cheese was incredibly soft, with a crispy crumble on the bottom and amazing toppings to bring the entire item together.

All in all, our experience at Port of Call in Taj Samudra was excellent and it was definitely worth revisiting! Let us know how your experience was in the comments below.


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