Restaurant Reviews British Pub & Fish N’ Chips (One Galle Face)

British Pub & Fish N’ Chips (One Galle Face)

2020 Feb 13

Open Time:

Sunday to Thursday - 11am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday-11am to 11pm


1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


Located on the One Galle Face rooftop

Contact No

077 783 8041



A little bit of London amidst the metropolis


The British Pub and Fish N’ Chips, located on the breezy terrace of One Galle Face, is one of many bars that can be found in the establishment. True to its name, the British-themed bar features interiors that remind you of London and a lovely outdoor seating area where customers can enjoy the sea air. We dropped in on a Wednesday evening, for mid-week drinks and grub, and were not disappointed.




My Ceylon (LKR 750)

This arrack based cocktail is one of the cleverly named cocktails on the menu that caters to the Sri Lankan palette. All of the cocktails at the British Pub and Fish N’ Chips mention what kind of alcohol it contains, but no further description. We quite enjoyed the passion fruit flavour of the drink and the aftertaste of arrack.


The Londoner (LKR 750) 

This is a drink that I would opt for on a breezy summer evening at sunset. Gin enthusiasts will love the refreshing, sour taste and the kick of alcohol that comes through after the first swallow.


Drunk In Love (LKR 750)

This cocktail is reminiscent of a Cosmopolitan, except for its green colour. It has a dominant flavour of orange which is complemented by the sharpness of tequila. However, the alcohol in the cocktail was barely detectable and as a result, was not strong enough.


Virgin Mojito (LKR 500)

This drink unfortunately did not make the cut. The perfect balance of lime and mint, that makes the mojito a crowd favourite, was off and was a little watered down when it was served to us.



Black Pepper Chicken (Rs 990)

This dish would go perfectly with your post-work beer! A heaping plate of chicken that is cooked to perfection and coated in soy sauce, with the vegetables providing a mix of different flavours that all complemented each other. Although peppery, the dish was only mildly spicy, which I enjoyed, but my fellow comrades weren’t happy with. Perhaps ask for extra spice if your palette can withstand the heat.


British Pub Platter (Rs 2500)

The platter consists of buffalo wings, onion rings, chicken sausages and fries and is easily enough for two. Needless to say, we loved everything about this platter. The buffalo wings were juicy and mildly spicy and are best eaten with a dash of lime for added zest. The onion rings were fried to perfection and were crisp on the outside with a sharp burst of flavour once bitten into. Their sausages are made in-house and are much more juicer than any other sausage available in the market and had a perfect blend of flavour and spice.



Fish N’ Chips (LKR 1200)

Probably the best Fish and Chips that I have sampled in Colombo! Two large pieces of perfectly prepared Barramundi with a generous helping of fries. You are given the options of selecting two out of their wide range of dippings, which are all made in-house. The fish is not completely done, which allows it to retain its flavour and comes with a thick, crisp coating. The preparation allows the fish to remain flaky and melts in your mouth upon first bite! We opted for the Cuban Hot Sriracha Mayo and the Japanese Wasabi Mayo, the latter of which I thought complemented the fish better, thanks to its tangy flavour. Although extremely satisfying, this dish could have done better with thick cut fries.



The pub is spacious with ample seating both inside and outside and we were informed that the place is generally busy, especially during lunch hours. The inside is quieter and allows for more conversation where as the outside is livelier with bands playing live music and is the perfect spot to people watch. The quirky decor that is carried throughout the place also makes for some great Instagram photos! The staff are polite and attentive, however, we were informed that the only dessert available was Baskin Robbins ice cream, which we opted not to have.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with our experience at the British Pub and Fish N’ Chips. Pleasant staff, great cocktails and a variety of good food. What else can anybody ask for after a hard day of work?










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