Brew Bar

2018 Sep 27

Open Time:

Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm, closed on Mondays


115, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07


Coming down Kynsey Road, turn left onto Rosmead place and it will be on your right, adjoining Zylan Luxury Villa, below ZEN Japanese Restaurant

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Hong Kong street food now in Colombo!

Adjoining the beautiful and serene Zylan Luxury Villa is Brew Bar, so walking into the building we were able to see that the owners had used the lobby area to incorporate Brew Bar into their compartmentalised but chic location, while upstairs they have Zen, their rooftop Japanese restaurant. (To see our full review, click here) Even though it’s a small space we loved what they had done with it. Adorned with trendy wall art, cute knick-knacks and such, Brew Bar creates an Instagram worthy setting. They have a chess board, and a tic-tac-toe board as well!
Their staff are very helpful and guide you through the menu to help you choose while explaining their entire process. Basically, they give you buzzers which they buzz you on once your food is ready which makes your ordering process even less tedious. Brew Bar is all about ease and makes the customer do the bare minimum.


Introducing new-fangled beverages like cheese tea, Brew Bar has quite an interesting array of flavoured cheese teas and also shakes.

Lychee Cheese Tea – LKR 490
Cheese tea is all the rage at Brew Bar so we were super stoked to see what the hype was about. Basically, their cheese teas come in two layers: the first being a sweet, fluffy cheese layer and the next being the layer of whichever flavour you pick. In this beverage, the cheese layer tasted exquisite and very unique. It is not meant for every palate but is definitely something everyone should try out! It tastes a little like a liquid form of cream cheese with a thick consistency of course. We were told that we were supposed to drink it layer by layer so once we were done with the heavenly cheese layer, we were able to taste the lychee, which was essentially iced lychee tea. This was a refreshing albeit filling drink!

Mango Cheese Tea – LKR 490
Their staff recommended this and we were happy to try it out. No complaints about the cheese layer since it exceeded expectations. The difference between the lychee one and this particular beverage is that we were able to taste the flavour of mango in the cheese layer itself, and as we gradually sipped the taste got stronger until all we could taste was a rich, pulpy mango flavour. To all your mango fans out there, this is the drink for you! Yet again, this too was super filling!

Honeydew Shake – LKR 450
This is an acquired taste and unless you are craving honeydew, you probably shouldn’t get it. We were delighted by the icy texture on top and it was quite revitalizing. What we expected was something less strong in terms of flavour and a little less dairy would have been great too. All in all, this was a mediocre beverage and the cheese teas were much better. However, we were told that the Oreo flavoured shake is a crowd favourite so maybe you’ll should opt for that.


The main event at Brew Bar is their bubble waffles! They have two options: savoury and sweet.

Savoury Bubble Waffle (with sausage, cheese and sunny side up) – LKR 550
They have two options, savoury bubble waffle with either sausage, cheese and a sunny side up or pol sambol, cheese and a sunny side up. We chose the former option and we were happy to see that they used a jumbo chicken sausage and a generous amount of cheese spread. However, Brew Bar needs to work on their sunny side ups because the one we got had a solid yolk and wasn’t runny at all, probably to keep it from running down the waffle but we that the yolk was too solid. Moreover, we expected a savoury waffle, that is one which did not taste sweet, so it was clear that they had used the same batter they use for the sweet waffles. This flaw however, did not bother as much as the subpar sunny side up. Nevertheless, this dish is guaranteed to fill you up and is the ideal breakfast which will surely keep you satisfied and content.

Sweet Chocolate Waffle (with vanilla ice cream, caramel and Snickers) – LKR 550
With their sweet waffles you have a 4-step process: choose your batter; choose your ice cream; choose your topping and finally, choose your content. We expected more chocolate to be added in the batter but the waffle tasted more sugary than chocolatey. The bubbles of the waffle are bite-sized and are super fun to break off and dip into the ice cream and this combination worked very well because both the Snickers and caramel gave this fluffy delicacy that extra oomph. They had more options for toppings and content like Nutella, Oreo, and Kit Kat so of course we had to try another one!

Sweet Original Waffle (with chocolate ice cream, Nutella and Kit Kat) – LKR 550
This was the winning dish and we have absolutely no complaints here! The original batter proved to be a much better option than the chocolate batter when paired with their toppings and content. We got a generous serving of chocolate ice cream and they were not stingy with the Nutella! The Kit Kat was a wise choice on our part and went well with the rest of the ingredients. Easily the best waffle we had!

We were told that additional toppings would cost LKR 200 so don’t be afraid to go wild with their sweet options! We wish their menu was extensive with a wider variety of options but the selection they have right now is good enough for you and your friends to go have a great meal at an affordable price! Their portions are hefty and filling too so it really is worth it!

Have you been to Brew Bar yet? Let us know in the comments!

Tip – Try their Cheese Tea!


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