Restaurant Reviews Breakfast at Rare at Residence (Old Menu)

Breakfast at Rare at Residence (Old Menu)

2018 Feb 9

Open Time:

7 a.m. - 11 p.m.


No. 20 Park Street, Colombo 2


Just past Park Street Mews


Check out our updated review of the new breakfast menu at rare at Residence below.



Breakfast By Uga!

Among the fancy, fine dining restaurants that adorn Park Street, Residencies by Uga is no exception. It is set apart by its calm, serene atmosphere, hospitable staff that welcomes you as soon as you enter the beautifully structured restaurant, and of course it’s delicious breakfast menu! It is picturesquely situated overlooking the pool, making it possible for you to enjoy breakfast by the pool or even inside the restaurant, which consists of brown leather sofas which matched the wooden floor and yellow bulbous lights. Additionally, the walls are decorated with black and white pictures which give it a nice 70’s vibe.

Upon arrival they provide each table with a complimentary bread basket which you can enjoy until your food arrives. Mind you this is no ordinary basket for it consists of crisp toast (brown and white bread), buttery croissants, chocolate mini muffins which are to die for (we could have eaten a whole basket of it, seriously) and jam, marmalade and butter which are the perfect compliments.

We tried their best selling dishes and here’s what we had to say!


Beetroot, Apple and mint – LKR 350

The beetroot and apple were the dominant flavours and while it tasted very refreshing and healthy the beetroot got a bit overpowering towards the end and was just a tad bit too much on the palate. However, if beetroot is your favourite vegetable then this drink is for you!


Breakfast Sundae- LKR 740

This can be found under the cereal component of their menu and this was one of our favourite dishes. It consisted of berries, curd, plums, hazelnuts and seemed to be layered to perfection in the glass cup it was served in. The bitterness of the berries, the earthiness of the hazelnuts and the sweetness of the curd was balanced to perfection and was the ideal pick me up for a day full of work ahead. It was also very filling making it a perfect breakfast dish. Needless to say it looked amazing too.

Fried Eggs- LKR 840

Found under the classic section of the menu this turned out to be a bit too classic as it seemed a bit average. This consisted of 2 bullseyes, rustic potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and spinach. Visually it looked simple and while the rustic potatoes were crunchy and delicious the dish as a whole cried out for a bit more seasoning. So if you do order this dish ask for extra pepper and salt.

Bagel – LKR 640

It looked great and consisted of a big bagel filled with cream cheese and crispy bacon accompanied by a small salad of cucumber, capsicums and olives dressed in acidic vinegar which was a much needed side as it helped cut through the richness of the cream cheese. It must be noted that the bagel was a bit hard to eat with cutlery and we ended up resorting to using our hands.

Salmon Benedict – LKR 1040

This was a much anticipated dish and it did not disappoint. Along with the main stars of the dish, salmon and poached eggs, it was accompanied by pickled red onions and capers which we found unusual but were an interesting twist and heightened its taste. The eggs were poached to perfection and oozed out as soon as you cut into it draping the plate with that luxurious yoke just as you would see on Master Chef. The toasted bread was warm and crunchy and helped balance out the dish. If we had one criticism it was that the salmon to egg ratio was a bit off and the salmon could be quite overpowering. Overall it was a great dish.

Pancakes – LKR 640

Last but certainly not least were the chocolate covered pancakes, garnished with cinnamon and filled with a delicious pani apple compote. As expected it was sweet but not overpowering and is the ideal sugar rush you need in the morning to wake you up. However, it does consist of quite a bit of sugar so if you are health conscious it isn’t for you, but we do urge you to at least have a bite as it is just heavenly.


Varying from rich and luxurious dishes to fresh and healthy drinks their breakfast menu is a must try!

Tip – Try out the Breakfast Sundae!


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