Restaurant Reviews Breakfast at rare at Residence

Breakfast at rare at Residence

2018 Oct 22

Open Time:

7am – 11 am


No 20, Park Street, Colombo 2


Just past Park Street Mews

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rare at Residence definitely does mornings the right way, both affordable and delicious!

We’re all aware of the exquisite dining experience Rare at Residence offers to its in-house guests and customers, from its impressive dishes of outstanding quality and its classic yet fashionable seating arrangements to its exceptional service – it’s pretty obvious that rare looks into every minute detail to ensure its customers receive the best experience possible! While the restaurant is known to be a bit on the pricey side, Rare at Residence has redesigned its breakfast menu in a manner which is affordable – without compromising on quality. Each dish mentioned is below LKR 1000 (I know right?!) and the food was beyond amazing!

The elegant restaurant layout is transformed by morning to a cozy and spacious breakfast dining area with plenty of natural light seaming in, with the outdoor pool and seating area adding to the overall experience as well!


Cappuccino – LKR 300
We went ahead with a Cappuccino since it was early morning and the perfect blend between coffee and creamy milk was just what we needed to kick-start our day!


Porridge – LKR 700

This is for all those health and nutrition foodies out there! Did you know that one bowl of porridge offers more fibre than a slice of whole meal bread and is rich in minerals including copper, iron, and manganese? Well this porridge which consists of oats, barley, almonds, organic quinoa, flaxseed, cashews, walnuts, cinnamon served with honey and poached pear is definitely for you! While the porridge had so much going on with a variety of whole grains, the tinge of honey amidst them was a sweet surprise. Although the porridge was not my personal favorite as it was almost ‘too healthy’ for me (I kid you not), the porridge was very filling and it’s definitely a nutritious way to begin your day!

Mannar Crab – LKR 900

A must try! For a country surrounded by the Indian Ocean with an abundance of seafood, good crab can be surprisingly very hard to find. Yet, this dish consisted of unshelled, minced crab meat with poached eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and micro greens served on a sourdough toast which was simply mouthwatering! The soft crab meat together with poached eggs created a pleasantly rich flavor. All in all, this dish was a 10/10!

Rare Benni – LKR 800

This dish was probably my all-time favorite, and even though it’s a classical eggs benedict, this was simply amazing! The bacon was crispy, the poached egg was perfect and I loved the way the yolk oozed over the toasted English muffins and bacon! Definitely worth the price.

Crispy Eggs – LKR 800

This dish had soft boiled eggs (yes I was on an Egg-stravaganza) coated with many local spices, asparagus cream, and was complemented with some toasted English muffins. While this did taste alright, it wasn’t necessarily a favourite in comparison with the other dishes. I did like the crispiness of the egg which was followed by a rich broken yolk once cut open (food-gasm much?). But it wasn’t a wow factor for me.

French Toast – LKR 600

Take a seat for this one, because boy was this HEAVENLY! I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably the best French toast I’ve had. I immediately fell in love with the presentation. The bread itself had a light cinnamon touch to it, paired with caramelized banana and pure honey which was completed with ‘lovi’ and ‘pani’ apple in addition to a slice of passion fruit which complemented the dish. It was a pleasant explosion of well fused flavors.

Almond Croissant – LKR 500

The Almond croissant was crunchy and crispy on the top, which was followed by a sweet almond paste inside the croissant. If you’re looking for a quick bite for breakfast, you should give this a go! Not only is it filling and absolutely tasty, but it’s also worth your money because the croissant is undeniably rich.

Rare at Residence definitely does casual mornings the right way! Their menu is simple to grasp and is amazingly affordable. The space is perfect for a date or morning meeting, the layout is spacious and gives out the perfect casual vibe to kick-start your morning!

Tip: Try the Rare Benni; you won’t regret it!


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