2018 Oct 19

Open Time:

Tuesday to Sunday - 12 pm to 9 pm, closed on Mondays


30, Sea View Avenue, Colombo 03


Pass Burger King, and take a right; last building on the lane adjoining Island Hostels

Contact No

0114 382 838


Healthy fast food with a Hawaiian twist!

Best friends Anithra Ratnayake and Rahaal Balasuriya bring to you, Bowl’d, a dining experience like no other, guaranteed to offer you a wholesome and value for money meal. Their aim is to provide a versatile menu catering to every customer’s taste buds, and they do this by offering a range of customisable Poké Bowls inclusive of even gluten free and low carb ingredients.

Bowl’d has a very pleasant earthy concept going on and they are super eco-friendly which we noticed by their use of bamboo straws, wooden bowls, cane coasters and even coconut shells which made fine bowls. We were pleased to also find out that they use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to make their dishes vibrant and picture perfect.


Strawberry Ice Tea – LKR 350
From their Ice Teas, we opted for the Strawberry Ice Tea and we were glad we did because the elements of the drink balanced out to make the perfect thirst quencher. There was a hint of ice tea along with a strong zesty flavour of strawberry which did not over power, but rather did justice to the beverage.

Gottukola Limeade – LKR 250

Consisting of gottukola, lime and kithul, this drink got the best of our curiosity and we were quite pleased with it. Although it was a little more watered down than we would have liked it, this was super refreshing and not to mention affordable! The kithul was a bonus and to those of you who love sugar substitutes, this is the drink for you.


Poké Nachos – LKR 750

Consisting of shashimi salmon and tuna, spicy soy marinade, tempura battered seaweed chips, spring onions, tobiko, panko, and wasabi mayo this dish was absolutely amazing. The soft, fleshy cubes of salmon and tuna, paired with the crispy nachos made the perfect treat and even though the portion may seem small for the price, considering the ingredients equipped to prepare this dish, I would say it’s totally worth it.


Teriyaki Chicken Poké Bowl (Large) – LKR 900 [Small – LKR 800]

As mentioned earlier, Bowl’d has a customised menu so there are 3 options for the Poké Bowl bases: white sushi rice, red rice, and zucchini noodles; a.k.a zoodles. Making life easier and more adventurous, they also have a half and half option. Opting for half in white sushi rice and the other half in red rice, this bowl came with bite sized teriyaki chicken, sweet corn, carrots, onions, red bell pepper, shredded seaweed, wonton crisps and chilli mayo. My personal preference was the white sushi rice but you honestly cannot go wrong with your base because all of them are carefully curated to suit whichever topping you pick. The teriyaki flavour was evident with the sweet corn and wonton crisps bringing the dish that extra crunch it craved.

Tangy Tuna Poké Bowl (Large) – LKR 1050 [Small – LKR 950]

Revisiting our love for tuna, we opted for the zoodles base and this dish consisted of passion fruit soy sauce, cubes of mango, chopped green chillies, onions, red cabbage, tobiko, panko, shredded seaweed, and chilli mayo. The Poké Bowls were labelled as the house favourites and this dish really showed us why. Taking one bite into this super healthy dish, there was an explosion of flavours in my mouth and all the elements of the dish complimented each other. The mango and passion fruit soy sauce made sure the dish stayed true to its name and the tobiko complimented the sushi undertones of this dish. The zoodles went well with the dish, but it’s best to go half and half with this and another base, because it’s too watery alone and may drown out the other ingredients.

Both Poké Bowls were garnished with spring onions, sesame seeds, pickled cucumber and picked ginger which added more flavour to the dishes.


Strawberry ‘Nana Bowl – LKR 650

The main ingredient being bananas, ‘Nana Bowls are for the health conscious alter ego in you, but here, the nutrition aspect to it is just a bonus because guys, these taste heavenly! This particular bowl consisted of strawberry, banana, house-made granola (yas) and coconut chips. Crunchy and fruity, this dish was so filling! In fact all their bowls are filling, so don’t be deceived by the salad-like presentation.

Dragon Fruit ‘Nana Bowl – LKR 750

Too pretty to eat, this ‘Nana Bowl was such an Insta photo op. Consisting of dragon fruit, strawberry, banana (of course), house-made granola and coconut chips, this is a seasonal option as dragon fruit is seldom available, so if you want to try this, head over to Bowl’d soon, before it’s off season again. It didn’t taste too different from the previous ‘Nana Bowl we tried because anyway dragon fruit is pretty tasteless, but the bowl as a whole was tasty nonetheless so no complaints there.

The vibe at Bowl’d is super laid back and it’s mostly reggae playing in the background, which we loved! They also have swing seats outdoors but sometimes the flies can get annoying when it’s not too windy, so your best bet would be to sit inside.

The staff and owners are super friendly, well versed with the menu and very accommodating. We were also told that they plan on extending the menu to breakfast options as well so we are looking forward to that!

Needless to say, we absolutely loved our meal at Bowl’d! It truly was a wholesome, feel good experience and we can’t wait to go back!

Have you been to Bowl’d yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Try the Poké Nachos, you won’t regret it!