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Bombay Borough

2019 Dec 20

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Bombay Borough Level 1 - 69, One Galle Face Mall


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076 761 1011

Exquisite Indian cuisine for your shopping breaks

Newly opened at the brand new mall One Galle Face, Bombay Borough has already established itself as an instagram-able hotspot. Located on the outside of the building just as you pass the Dilmah Tea Lounge , Bombay Borough sports a fresh , bright and eclectic interior, and an extensive modern Indian menu. With tantalising dishes that excite your taste buds, this restaurant serves classic Indian dishes with modern twists, and whilst the prices may seem steep at first glance, the portions are generous, and the flavours are other worldly, making it worth every penny.






Chowpatty Beach Lolly (LKR 1200)

Essentially a very well made margarita with an orange pushcart ice lolly dipped into it, you are left with a citrusy sweet margarita, which exudes the ultimate summer vibes.



Mango Masti (LKR 1300)

Served in what is called a paua (¼ bottle) this cocktail is a mango, gin concoction that was fresh, light and incredibly refreshing, its bright colour matched the brightness in its flavour profile.



Masala Cola (LKR550)

This mocktail is exactly what it says it is, just a simple coke mixed with some chaat masala it is enjoyable, however it might not be for everyone.



Aam Ki Lassi (LKR600)

A mango lassi, this was my favourite of all the drinks, thick, tangy, creamy, rich and packed with a fresh mango flavour, this is everything you want a lassi to be!



Bombay Prohibition (LKR 1500)

One of the fancier drinks we had, the Bombay Prohibition was served in a brown decanter alongside a whiskey glass, garnished with a sprig of coriander and goraka, this cocktail was sweet , sour and salty, reminding me of a boozy apple-berry juice, that balances the line between savoury and sweet precariously but successfully.




The Chutney Papad Tokri (LKR 650)

An array of prawn crackers and papads perfectly fried and served alongside a variety of sauces, chutneys and relishes, this starter is ideal to whet your appetite. We got a tomato chilli chutney that was sweet and tangy, with just a mild hint of warmth, a fresh and herbaceous mint and coriander chutney, a mango curry chutney that was jammy, sweet and spicy, a chili mayo sauce that was mild and creamy, and a caramelised onion relish. Each accompaniment paired well with the papads and crackers, but they were
also a delight to mix and match!






Naga Ghost Pepper Wings (LKR 1200)

The ghost pepper used in this dish is sourced from Nagaland and is known as the Bhut Jolokia. Soft and succulent the chicken was clearly left to marinate till all the flavours went through to the bone , the grilling of the chicken gave it a nice char and tandoori flavour whilst the sauce gave it a finger licking sticky glaze. And just as the name suggests these wings are on fire, upon first bite, you are hit with the delicious sweet, warm flavours of the spices and then with a heat that packs a real punch, but do not fret, they are served with a yogurt sauce that does satisfactory a good job of calming the heat down .



Goan Squid (LKR 1500)

Crusted in semolina and served with a chilli mayo this dish is reminiscent of hot butter cuttlefish. The semolina crust was crunchy, crumbly and well-seasoned. Incredibly light, and delicate it did not hold any grease at all, and the squid was soft and slightly chewy. The simplicity and familiarity of this dish made it impossible to set aside, with the crumbly coating adding a fantastic crispy texture to the soft squid.





Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish (LKR 1850)

Coming to the table steaming and wrapped in banana leaf, we were presented with two thick fillets of beautifully cooked sea bass covered in a tangy, warm, curry inspired sauce. Balanced and flavourful with a mingling of dried fenugreek, coriander, garam masala and turmeric, the sauce paired well with the accompanying mint and coriander chutney , as well as the slices of raw mango that were smattered atop the dish.





Amristar Mall Road Paneer Bhurji (LKR 1350)

By far the most surprising dish because it looked like scrambled eggs, this paneer bhurji was amazing! Unctuous, chewy and cheesy this was like a hybrid of scrambled eggs, paneer butter masala and melted cheese. Served with 2 slices of white bread and a sweet chutney, this special was the perfect combination of comfort food meets street food, served restaurant style, and trust us when we say you will not regret ordering it!







Kheema Biryani (LKR 1700)

This biryani is fit for two or three people and comes to the table served inside a massive pouch of roti  and once you break it open, a wave of steam and a tumbling of golden fluffy rice and minced mutton tumbles out. Rich and meaty tasting this biryani was fragrant with a soft and gentle flavour of cardamom coming through, the caramelised onions added a sweetness to the whole dish and the layers of flavour and fattiness just made this an ultimate comfort food.



Chicken Tikka Butter Masala (LKR 1450)



Trying their chicken tikka butter masala was a no-brainer. After all this is one of the most popular Indian dishes out there. The portion was generous with plenty of gravy and chicken to go around, however it was not as sweet or as creamy as the ones we have had elsewhere , this had less cream and was a little spicier. However having said this the gravy was smooth like velvet and was incredibly flavourful, especially with the addition of the charred chicken tikka chunks giving it a smoky tandoori essence.






Chur Paratha (LKR 295)

Unlike any paratha that can be found locally, this was flaky, crispy and buttery and a perfect accompaniment to the chicken tikka butter masala, however the serving portion was not the largest.



Amristari Potato Kulcha (LKR 295)

This Indian bread was mildly crispy and chewy on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside, with a soft and coconut-y spiced potato filling, the coconut gave it a bit of a bite and the texture reminded us of a coconut sambal, whilst the potato filling was reminiscent of a local dish called “ala thel dala”, which is essentially potatoes devilled with spices.



Dum Ke Kali Dhal (LKR 750)

Earthy and creamy, this dhal curry was made with black lentils, and had an almost smoky roasted, buttery flavour to them. One could imagine eating a massive bowl of this with some warm toasty bread on a cold rainy day. Filling and hearty this dhal dish would be a perfect protein replacement for any of the vegetarian diners.




Unlike the rest of the menu the dessert options here are pretty limited but just like all the food we tried today they are well prepared, beautifully presented, large in portion and delicious!



Dark Chocolate Mess (LKR 950)

Served in a jar this chocolate dessert was a mixture of textures and flavours of bitterness, sweetness and tanginess. The chocolate sponge was light and airy and the brownie crumble tasted of cardamom and was accompanied by a tangy chocolate mousse and sprinklings of coffee. Almonds and walnuts added texture and bitterness and everything was drizzled in a dark chocolate sauce that tied the whole dish together.



Ras-e-aam (LKR 950)

This dessert comes with three large Bengali roshogulla (balls made from cheese, semolina and sugar) , but instead of being soaked in the traditional sugar syrup these were placed in a ‘rabdi’ which is a spiced, rich and creamy condensed milk sauce. Topped with some crushed almonds and a sweet intense mango pulp, this dish was a perfect hybrid of delicious Indian inspired dessert elements. With varying textures and temperatures and its creamy rich sweetness this dessert will hit a real happy spot for Indian dessert




Bombay Borough is designed beautifully with large floor to ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light into the restaurant, highlighting its bright summery colour palate. Furnished with woven furniture and light fixtures, the entire ambience is offset with brightly coloured cushions and Mediterranean inspired mosaic tiling. Quite large and capable of seating and serving up to 100 people, Bombay Borough has an inviting and fresh vibe with eclectic décor and tchotchkes peppered around the shelves, walls and end tables.
The staff at Bombay Borough were attentive and incredibly welcoming. With managers and waiters brought down from India the staff were well versed in explaining the menu items to us, even giving us a little backstory to the origins of some to the ingredients which were sourced directly from India.

Tip – A must try are the Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, they will blow your head off but they will also blow your mind!


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