Restaurant Reviews Blackout Restaurant & Cafe

Blackout Restaurant & Cafe

2019 Aug 24

Open Time:

6am - 11pm


36 Ward Pl, Colombo 07


Just at the turn off onto Wijerama Road (opposite Caramel Pumpkin)

Contact No

011 7024816


Colombo’s only Rugby themed restaurant and cafe for you to ‘try’ out!



Colombo has a number of sports bars, but none with a sole theme dedicated to the sport of Rugby. Enter Blackout Restaurant and Café, a new contender in the long list of cafes in Colombo. The Rugby themed café is chilled out, yet elegant with a sleek appearance thanks to the layout and furniture. The menu was rugby themed as well, with titles like ‘scrum down’, ‘quick tap’,  and ‘conversion’ which will be sure to please all rugby fans. The menu was diverse with a range of food, from soups and salads, to mains inspired by different countries. The place is quite large with ample seating and multiple flat screens so everyone can enjoy that All Blacks’ game.




Blackout Restaurant and Café is currently BYOB, however, there is a minimum coverage charge of LKR 1500. They are working on acquiring their liquor license which will be the cherry on top for all patrons who want something stronger in the form of beverages.


Ginger Mojito – LKR 600


One of the drinks on their list of mocktails,  this ginger mojito was refreshing and perfect for a hot day. The infusion of ginger gave the lime and mint an added zing but wasn’t overpowering at all. A little bit more of lime, however, would have definitely helped to enhance the flavour.


Blackout Shake – LKR 650


A milkshake containing vanilla ice cream blended with oreo cookies, a combination that has a cult following. While the shake was like any other oreo milkshake, the taste of the oreos didn’t come through as much as you would expect.  For a shake that is considered a house specialty, it was a tad underwhelming. The whipped cream topping with the crushed oreo cookies, however, was perfect!




Coco Calamari – LKR 800


Even though the menu offered hot butter cuttlefish, we opted for the coconut crumb fried calamari with sweet chilli dipping sauce due to the interesting addition of coconut.


The coconut flavour of the coconut flakes came through quite nicely in a delicate way that even those who dislike coconut will enjoy it. The calamari had just the right level of crispiness and was accompanied by a perfectly sweet and spicy dipping sauce.


Chicken and Papaya Salad – LKR 690


The initial choice was to opt for the asparagus and avocado salad on the menu but unfortunately, it wasn’t available on that day. The next choice was the interesting Chicken and Papaya Salad containing grilled chicken, papaya, roasted peanuts, roasted coconut, and olives in an orange dressing.


As Thai food enthusiasts we were excited due to the combination of chicken, papaya and peanuts. The salad could have been more flavourful and quite honestly tasted a bit bland. The combination of the chicken and slightly ripe papaya was a nice change from regular salads however.




Chicken Burger – LKR 850


The minced chicken burger with mustard mayo, Dijon mustard, mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushroom, egg, and caramalized onion was very good with the mustard mayo and caramelized onions being the best parts of it. The combination of ingredients made for a tantalizing mouthful as the caramelized onions in combination with mustard and cheese complemented each other well. 



Beef Mustard Curry – LKR 1450


The star in this show that is a food review!  A coconut milk rich stewed mustard beef accompanied by garlic rice. We found no fault with this dish whatsoever. From the perfectly seasoned fragrant rice, to the mouthwatering curry, this dish made for one satisfying meal.


The beef curry had a good balance of flavours with the warm tangy taste of mustard coming through well in combination with the garlic rice. The beef was also tender and succulent and had absorbed the flavour of the gravy well.




Baked Cheese Cake – LKR 750


Due to lack of other options being available on that day, we tried the baked cheesecake.  This baked cheese cake came with a caramel sauce which was not a combination we’ve tried before and were curious to see how it would taste. The cheesecake  and caramel combination wasn’t a favourite, but that could change according to personal preference. The sauce was too sweet and the flavour didn’t complement the cheesecake all that much. The cheesecake however had a nice texture to it, with the taste of cheese coming through.



Ambience and Staff


Whether you’re a sports fan or not, this restaurant and cafe is still a lovely place to hang out with a couple of friends. While all may not find it an affordable regular hangout spot for meals, they do have some nice drinks and snacks for reasonable prices. The staff was very helpful, friendly, and accommodating as well. Each table was spaced out in a way that people can have conversations without being overheard. 



Blackout Restaurant & Cafe is definitely an interesting place among all the cafes in Colombo and we recommend you experience it at least once!