Black Burgers

2019 Oct 27

Open Time:

8 am - 9 pm


11 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00700


Located at the same place as Black Cat Café

Contact No

0112 675 111


A part of the Black Cat and Taco Cat family, Black Burgers was started a few months ago. Located on Wijerama Mawatha inside Black Cat Café itself, and also available through Uber eats, Black Burgers focuses its attention on producing delicious, hearty burgers. So far they have 6 burgers on their menu which come served with flavoured fries on the side; they currently have 3 chicken burgers, 2 beef, and one vegetarian burger.



We tried every single burger and left the café stuffed to the brim, satisfied and just about ready to fall into a happy food coma. Every single burger gets served with a side of fries, and you get to choose from 3 flavours: herb, chilli and parmesan. All the burgers were served in a soft delicious brioche bun which was perfectly golden on the outside, and light, airy and buttery on the inside.

Hero-ing only the best ingredients, the burgers cater to all tastes and come in pretty hefty portions. Whilst not the cheapest out there, the flavour combinations put them on the fancier end of the spectrum with prices that are mildly steep, but worth it once you get your food.


Seoul Sister – LKR 1299

A Korean inspired burger, this was a large piece of Korean fried chicken dressed with Sriracha mayo and topped with Kang’s Kimchi and cheddar cheese, served in a deliciously soft brioche bun. The chicken was incredibly crispy and the sriracha mayo gave it some moistness. The flavours worked surprisingly well with the kimchi and cheese giving you an amalgamation of distinctly pickle like sourness from the pickled cabbage and a sharp salinity from the cheddar cheese. If you’re a fan of some spice, and you enjoy the mild funkiness of kimchi, this burger will serve you well. It was filling, flavourful and anything but boring.


Voodoo Lady (v) – LKR 1299

This was their vegetarian option and is a halloumi burger with batu moju (a sweet eggplant pickle), a hash cake, herb aioli and spinach, and let me tell you, there not many things better than a large chunk of griddled cheese. This burger was incredible, now one may argue that nothing beats a burger with meat in it, but here you don’t even notice it’s gone.

Incredibly well balanced, this burger gave me everything I wanted but never expected from a burger. The jammy sweetness cut through the savouriness of the grilled halloumi cheese which was caramelised perfectly on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. The hash brown rounded everything off with a little crispiness, the aioli provided some lightness and the spinach gave it a little colour and freshness. The burger was unctuous, and just blew my mind, and was reminiscent of a really fancy fusion grilled cheese.


The Dude – LKR 1299

Smokey and simple this burger was a single 100% Australian brisket patty, with cheddar cheese, smokey BBQ sauce, French Dijon and pickles. The patty was perfectly cooked, and impeccably juicy, it was cooked all the way through but not the least bit crumbly or dry. Truly keeping things simple you could really taste just how good the quality of the beef was, the BBQ sauce merely just added an element of smokiness to the burger and the pickles and mustard added some tang and kick to it – it’s deceptively simple, but it’ll stick with you.


The Big Lebowski – LKR 1599

Essentially the same as The Dude except with twice the meat! This burger was massive and so very meaty. If you’re the type who really enjoys a much higher meat to bun ratio this burger is perfect for you!

At LKR 1599 it is quite steeply priced but when you take into account how much meat there actually is in this burger the price is forgivable, especially considering the quality of the beef they use. There really wasn’t a pretty way for anyone to eat this burger but to just open wide and take a large bite, which resulted in faces smudged with sauce and patty juices – thankfully though the burger stays intact whilst you eat it, unlike a large number of burgers which tend to crumble and fall apart at around the half-way point.


The LuLu – LKR 1299

This burger is one of the healthier options, with a lean piece of pan-fried, nicely browned chicken breast, slathered in smashed avocado and set atop some fresh purple cabbage with a herb mayo sauce.

The mild bitterness of the cabbage worked so well with the creamy avocado and the herbaceous mayo, the chicken breast itself was juicy and tender. I heavily suspect that this burger was specially designed for the healthier people looking for a burger fix – and it serves exactly that purpose, a good healthy chicken burger is hard to find and this may just hit the spot.


 Southern Belle – LKR1299


This burger was another fried chicken burger but set atop a bed of shredded lettuce, and it comes with some herb garlic aioli and cheddar cheese. This reminded me of those classic American style fried chicken burgers, it was also reminiscent of a fancier Mc Spicy (but not really spicy at all). This wasn’t our favourite burger, it was quite mild and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there are people out there who really just want a simple fried chicken burger and this is it, we just preferred the other options that had more complex flavours to them.

The Fries

Every single burger comes with a side of fries and you get to choose from 3 flavours: chilli, parmesan, and herb – we got them all because we just couldn’t help ourselves. These fries were thick cut and perfectly fried – golden, crispy and delicious, they were generously coated in their respective flavours.

The parmesan fries were simple, generously coated in parmesan cheese – they were everything you want parmesan fries to be- salty, cheesy and strong so if you’re a cheese lover will definitely make you lick your fingers.

The chilli fries looked straight up red but were not blow your head off hot, the heat was welcoming and had you reaching for more fries with every bite.  The tingly playfulness on your tongue accompanied by the slight biting heat was exciting for me (a spice novice).

The herb fries were earthy and herbaceous – not too salty and not offensively perfumed with the dry spices these were more complex than the other two and seemed quite fancy.



The ambience of the café was bright with plenty of natural light streaming through the windows. The combination of wooden tables, leather couches and the colourful eclectic artworks and statement pieces gives this café a very stylish artisan bistro look that still stayed true to the post-colonial esque house the café is actually located in. The café is full of books and games you can enjoy with your friends and family whilst you have you meal.

The staff here were all incredibly friendly, helpful and patient, they were accommodating to all our needs and even took the time to explain what burgers we might enjoy the most! The burgers came out pretty quickly and within minutes of each other, all beautifully and uniformly presented.

Tip  – If you’re hungry go for the Big Lebowski, but my favourite was surprisingly the haloumi burger – I didn’t miss the meat at all, and that’s a pretty impressive feat considering I was looking to get a burger fix on this day.


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