2020 Mar 14

Open Time:

8 am - 9 pm


82 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4


It’s on the side of the road, travelling along Bauddhaloka Mawatha, passing the thunmulla junction

Contact No

0112 559 230


Giving new meaning to ‘Brunch’

Nestled in the bustling streets of Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Bistro82 aims to give you the best brunch and lunch experience. From Eggs Benedict, to French toast, to a healthy range of Granola infused delicacies, they truly provide quite the gastronomical experience. They also offer a range of coffee drinks to accompany their mains, for that heavenly caffeinated kick. 



Caramel Macchiato (LKR 700)

Probably one of the best Caramel Macchiatos I’ve tried! Being a coffee fanatic myself, I absolutely loved this drink. The drink was light and smooth, and was not filling. The caramel was salty and sweet at the same time, perfectly balanced with the coffee kick. The coffee flavour was not too strong as well, which I loved. If you’re not a fan of strong coffee drinks, the Caramel Macchiato is a must try!


Chocolate Cookie Frappe (LKR 700)

Boy, where do I begin? Delicious Chocolate-y goodness infused with Oreo cookies – this drink was absolutely divine. Something I noticed having tried many Chocolate Cookie Frappes is that the base of the drink is chocolate and the drink is usually garnished with the cookies, in most. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that in this one, the taste of the cookie seeped through, from the very first sip. Absolutely heavenly; 10/10 in my books!



Granola Bowl (LKR 800)

The Granola Bowl at Bistro82 is every health enthusiast’s safe haven. Sweet, rich and smooth vanilla yogurt topped off with wholesome amounts of almond granola, blueberries and pumpkin seeds; there was definitely a party in my mouth. The granola and the pumpkin seeds added a nice crunch and the blueberries added a tangy touch of flavour, amounting to a nice contrast of flavour. If you’re healthy or trying to be healthy, this is definitely the dish to go with!


French Toast (LKR 700)

In the land of having a sweet tooth, there is nothing more satisfying than taking a mouthful of toast soaked in maple syrup and topped with blueberries, leaving you completely and thoroughly satisfied. First of all, the dish looked so good when it came to the table and then I took one bite and I literally heard angels singing in the background. The toast was soft and buttery, it literally melted in my mouth. The blueberries added a nice sourness to the dish, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the maple syrup. However, if you don’t have a huge sweet tooth like I do, the dish might come off as too sweet to you, especially considering the generous portion. So I suggest you share the dish with your buddies in order to enjoy it.


Spicy Beef and Cheese Panini (LKR 900)

This dish added a very nice contrast in flavour, having consumed the sweet French Toast. The Panini bread was crunchy and not too hard to bite, which was pleasantly surprising. The meat was tender and was flavourful, infused with a nice balance in seasoning. The dish was nice and cheesy, elevating the flavour of the meat. The meat filling was glazed with caramelised onions, adding a hint of sweetness to the flavour of the meat as well. However, we felt that this dish was on the mild side of the spice spectrum and would be too mild for our taste palettes. Cause you know us Lankans are all about that spice!



Blueberry Cheesecake (LKR 600)

What I loved about the Blueberry Cheesecake is that it was not too sweet and the flavour of the cream cheese was definitely the champion. The blueberry jus glazed on top of the cheesecake definitely elevated the sweetness of the cream cheese with a tangy hint of sourness. However, I felt that the base of the cheesecake was too dense and it wasn’t as crumbly as I hoped it would be. Even so, I would recommend trying the dish if you’re a fan of cheesecakes!


Double Chocolate Brownie (LKR 300)

It’s sad to say, that the brownie did not taste as good as it looked. The chocolate was too dense for my liking and it didn’t have that light and airy aspect to it. The chocolate was also too sweet and it left quite a lot of residue in my mouth, something I wasn’t a fan of.


The ambience of Bistro82 was pleasant, comfortable and very chilled out. With quite the chic interior, which is appeasing on the eyes. It sets the perfect, cosy environment for a nice meal and good conversations with your friends. The service is quite efficient and the staff are very friendly and helpful. All-in-all, one of the best bistros around town to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Tip – Don’t hesitate, don’t think twice. Try the French Toast and thank me later in the comment section.