Restaurant Reviews Berlin Sky Lounge

Berlin Sky Lounge

2020 Jun 27

Open Time:

6pm to 11pm


101, The Goldblock, 11 Hunupitiya Lake Rd, Colombo 00200


Opposite Beira Lake

Contact No

077 570 6447


Sunset cocktails and stunning views 



Perched on the 6th floor, above Il Cielo, Berlin Sky Lounge brings you a killer experience, whether you are after post-work drinks or a date night dinner. We dropped in to sample their colourful cocktails and latest additions to the menu and were not disappointed! 





Blue Lagoon (LKR 1,190) 



The vibrant blue colour of this cocktail makes for an extremely instagrammable drink! However, this one really packs a punch so make sure to sip it slowly! (Or gulp it down if its that kind of Friday night). Refreshingly sour and tinged with the sharpness of vodka, this is the perfect start to your night out. 



Cosmopolitan (LKR 1,190)



The perfect combination of sweet and sour, this punchy concoction leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste of lime. Perfect for those girl’s night outs! 



Mojito Passion (LKR 870)



A unique twist on a classic cocktail, this one is good if you are looking for a pleasant buzz. We see ourselves ordering this one to unwind after a gruelling day at work! 





Creamy Potato Soup with Bacon (LKR 570) 



Creamy, delicious goodness and the ultimate comfort food! We cannot gush enough about this one. The flavour and texture of the diced bacon was a wonderful addition. The garlic bread that it was served with was fresh with just the right amount of crisp.  The perfect start to any meal! 



Currywurst (LKR 750)



Served with a side of veggies and pan-fried potatoes that were cooked and seasoned to perfection, this is the perfect side to accompany your drinks. Drizzled with a tomato sauce made in-house, this delivered a slightly mild hit of spice which is ideal for anyone who cannot handle too much spice. 





Berlin Sky Pork Knuckle Scweshaxn (LKR 1,230)



We were informed that Berlin Sky Lounge is one of the only four restaurants that serve this dish. Clearly, the preparation that went into the dish was complex and though it was beautifully presented,  the meat was a little too done and it was difficult to cut into with the cutlery that we were provided with. Although the meat was fresh and flavourful, the ordeal that we went through to eat it kept us from fully enjoying the dish. We did enjoy the mashed potatoes that it was served with, which was the perfect consistency. 



Schnitzel Viennese Art (LKR 1,020)



A simple straightforward dish consisting of tenderized chicken and a side of mixed vegetables. Personally, we felt that this one was a little too bland for our taste, but if you are looking for a uncomplicated dish with simple flavours, this would be it. 





The top floor of Berlin Sky Lounge offers a 360-degree view of Colombo’s skyline. The sunset and sea breeze is what truly sets this place apart from the rest of Colombo’s rooftop bars. However, if you rather not mess up your hairdo, you can opt to sit in their lower-level seating area, which also offers a satisfactory view.

The staff were prompt and attentive and were enthusiastic about explaining the dishes to us. They were also kind enough to reheat the dishes after it had cooled down during the photoshoot.

Overall, the ambience of this place is versatile, making it the perfect place for a romantic date night or an after-work chill session with your colleagues.