Restaurant Reviews Baguette French Bakery and Cafe

Baguette French Bakery and Cafe

2019 Aug 9

Open Time:

8am - 8pm


174 A2, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


800m past Glitz in mount (on the main road itself)

Contact No

011 272 2000


Say Bonjour to Baguette French Bakery and Café – now at the outskirts of Colombo!


Stepping into Baguette French Bakery and Café is like walking into a small bakery in France. The elegant little space together with its French inspired interior from the modern equipment to the chic framed photos; the minimalistic furniture and even the super creative touch to the staff uniforms (comprised of a red beret and Breton stripe shirt) creates a truly authentic French bakery experience here in Sri Lanka. 



You’re sure to find something that will satisfy those cravings you’ve been having for day’s right here in this bakery!




Iced Latte – LKR 480



Not your average iced latte with too much ice which ends up making your beverage super watery and unpleasant. This is definitely a great way to kick-start your day! It wasn’t too milky and was extremely refreshing (beating the heat never felt so good!)


Virgin Strawberry Margarita – LKR 800



Known to be the signature beverage at the bakery this mocktail comprised of French Strawberry puree, lime and sugar syrup. While this did taste interesting, it wasn’t a personal favorite, I found it to be a tad too sweet and a bit on the artificial side of things. But nevertheless, do give it a try if you’re up for it!


Savory Items


La Nicoise – LKR 780



This colorful dish was simple and very refreshing with a significantly good level of savory-ness! I’m not a huge salad fan but this was extremely appetizing. The dish had 10 different types of vegetables from lettuce, onions, olives, tomatoes, and red peppers and it was topped with eggs and tuna – YUM! I loved how the broth of the tuna wasn’t overbearingly strong and provided a nice touch to the vegetables as well.


La Spicy Lanka – LKR 1000



The expansionary efforts of the bakery – has got them moving towards more localized products which suit the needs of us Sri Lankans, while ensuring the authentic French brand stays alive. Most of their new products come with a spicy twist (just how we Lankans like it).

 La Spicy Lanka is one dish you’ve got to try out! It’s got spicy chicken round the edges of a rich, crunchy dough. Their unique Mexican sauce together with some bell pepper and chili flakes topped off with a sunny side up egg (which has the perfect yolk) really seals the deal! Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! It’s got super interesting flavors which simply roll off your tongue.

You’d expect me to be super stuffed by now but no! All the meals at Baguette end up being surprisingly light – even the ones which seem too heavy to eat!




Pistachio Éclair – LKR 470



Forgive me if I share too much details on this masterpiece. IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD! I’m not a massive pistachio fan – but this éclair is without a doubt, the best éclair I’ve ever eaten! Its filling consisted of a rich vanilla custard with whipped cream, full dairy and a strong pistachio base. The filling was so good! The texture was light and complimented the crunchy éclair perfectly. The taste of the filling wasn’t overbearing with pistachios, in fact it was the complete opposite. It was also super light on the palate, not overly sweet and delightfully rich.

Since all their products are made using the finest ingredients (mainly imported from France) there’s no compromise on the quality of the product for sure.


Chocolate Croissant – LKR 340



Did you know a good croissant is measured by its flakiness and messiness? Baguette has established itself as the best place in Sri Lanka to get authentic French croissants made with pure butter from France. The texture of the pastry had a strong air-whipped sense with an appealing butteriness to it.

A good croissant also has roughly 1400 layers in it, even though the human eye can only see between 30-40 layers! (Wild, I know!) You could really taste the richness of the bread through the dozens of butter and dough filled layers.

As a person who loves a good chocolate croissant, I wasn’t too happy with its level of chocolate. Comprising of just two thin slabs of chocolate within the croissant – I was a tad disappointed with it. It almost felt like it was a croissant with a side of chocolate. However, it was still a pretty decent snack – just wish it had a more chocolaty element to it. Together with their killer croissant – this would be a bomb!


Strawberry Tart – LKR 870



Another personal favorite! This isn’t like your regular strawberry tart you’d find at cafés, the texture was irresistibly crumbly at the base with an exceptionally lavish creamy vanilla curd topped with plenty of juicy strawberries. Just a bite could take you on scrumptious journey full of pleasant experiences! I loved the contrasting flavors and the way in which the vanilla cream blended with the strawberries to lessen the strong after taste it brings.  Definitely worth a try!



Ambience and Staff


The price range and the quality of the food isn’t the only go-to factor of Baguette! The staff are super friendly and are always up for assistance. Their service is beyond amazing and their uniforms really add a fine touch to the whole atmosphere of the café.



In short, Baguette French Café and Bakery focuses on creating an authentic French experience for its customers. The ingredients gone into the creation of each dish comprises of pure elements imported from France itself! So if you’re up for the experience – you should definitely drop by!


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