Restaurant Reviews Baguette French Bakery

Baguette French Bakery

2018 Apr 20

Open Time:

9am to 7pm except Mercantile Holidays (unless they fall on a Saturday or Sunday)


62 Havelock Road, Colombo 5


Inside Pho Vietnam

Contact No


Walking into Baguette Café, you open the doors to sweet bakery aromas and a typical French setting. Baguette Café is a small yet accommodating space, decorated with posters representing everything French. On the other side of the room, you have a long counter with every food product packed in together; with quite a range of croissants, tarts, pastries and bread, looking fresh as ever. The staff are very helpful and eager to take you through the process of French gastronomy.


Espresso – LKR 250
Everyone needs a little boost every morning, whether you’re on your way to work or school. Baguette Café has amazing deals on their Breakfast menu, with the Espresso being one item. This item is rich in caffeine and will definitely wake you up!

Iced Latte – LKR 400

The Iced Latte comes with a side of sugar syrup and tasted incredibly refreshing! It was very light on the stomach, which is a good thing if you want to have some room to enjoy more food.

Hot Chocolate – LKR 500I’m always a sucker for hot chocolate and this item did more than justice! This hot chocolate was a blend of chopped local and Swiss chocolate. It is quite easy to go overboard with the sweetness when it comes to a cup of hot cocoa, however Baguette’s hot chocolate has a hint of dark chocolate, making it sweet but not TOO sweet. It also has the right consistency and feels like plenty of warm hugs!

Savoury Items

Turkey Ham Croissant – LKR 400Topped off with baked cheese, the Turkey Ham Croissant is very light and airy, filled with creamy cheese and delicious ham. This item is great for an evening snack paired with a cup of locally produced tea that you can purchase at Baguette as well!

Garlic Baguette – LKR 100For 100 bucks, I wouldn’t complain about this item at all. The best thing about Baguette Café is about how reasonable they are with their prices. The Garlic Baguette is made from a slice of one of Baguette Café’s freshly baked baguettes with a generous layer of garlic paste on top, making it a great item to munch on.

Lorraine Quiche – LKR 400This was my favorite savory item! This quiche consisted of generous amounts of ham, cheese, egg and mustard. You could cut into this item with ease since it is so moist that it almost melts in your mouth! Definitely something you need to try if you visit Baguette!

Sweets and Cakes/Pastries

Mini Croissant – LKR 120

 For people who haven’t experienced proper croissants and want to experiment with the real deal, Baguette café produces mini croissants! You can identify a good croissant with the lamination on the inside, which is exactly how Baguette Café makes their pastries! The croissant was extremely light and doesn’t break off as easily as pastries usually do.


Mini Chocolate Croissant – LKR 150

 The Mini Chocolate Croissant is pretty much like the Mini Croissant, except with a generous amount of gooey chocolate oozing out from the center. Just like the previous item, this croissant was laminated well, was not too flaky and had a slight buttery taste that complimented the delicious chocolate inside.

Chocolate Muffin – LKR 200


For LKR 200, this item was worth it. The muffin was extremely fluffy and had a great quantity of chocolate chips inside. My only concern was that it wasn’t as moist as I expected it to be, making it slightly mediocre compared to the rest of the great items we tried.

Hazelnut Brownie – LKR 280

For all the brownie fans out there, this is a must! This brownie arrived to the table warm, fresh and topped off with hazelnuts itself. The texture was amazing, with a crunchy exterior morphing to a dense and gooey interior. It was extremely rich in chocolate and hazelnut, making it extremely worthy!

Vanilla Éclair – LKR 350

For anyone who is not a big fan of éclairs, it’s probably because you haven’t tried out Baguette Café’s éclairs! Personally, I was not fond of éclairs but Baguette Café’s éclairs made my opinion do a complete 180°!

This item consisted of a creamy vanilla filling, topped off with slices of almonds. It was extremely soft and creamy and tasted like actual vanilla instead of the sweet, condensed fillings us Lankans like to call ‘Vanilla’.

Usually LKR 350 would be a little too pricey for a single éclair, but if you want the best, you’d get some from Baguette Café.

Chocolate Éclair – LKR 300

Just like the Vanilla Éclair, this item blew my mind. The chocolate éclair was very fresh, soft and tasted extremely good! Just like the hot chocolate, this éclair also had a hint of dark chocolate mixed with creamy milk chocolate.

Macaroons – LKR 150 each

Baguette Café has some of the best macaroons in town! Priced at LKR 150 each, we got an assortment of Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate and Raspberry flavored macaroons.

The Green Tea macaroon remained true to its name, giving off a detectable flavor and aroma of green tea. The coffee macaroon was powdered with coffee powder and tasted extremely rich in coffee. The chocolate macaroon was filled with delicious chocolate ganache in the middle and the raspberry macaroon tasted like fresh, tangy raspberries! The macaroons at Baguette are well done since they aren’t too hard, not too soft and have a slightly chewy interior.

All in all, Baguette Café truly made us feel at home. The food was great and the all-round experience was simply amazing. Do make conversation with the staff when you visit Baguette Café and educate yourself on the little details of French Bakery!

Tip: If you want to experience the best of Baguette Café and avoid disappointment, drop by in the morning since all food items move pretty fast!


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