Restaurant Reviews Arthur’s Pizzeria | Horton’s Place

Arthur’s Pizzeria | Horton’s Place

2020 Mar 10

Open Time:

11 am – 12 am


110 Horton Pl, Colombo 07.


Turn into Horton Place from Wijerama Mawatha, and Arthur's Pizzeria is located on the right side of the road.

Contact No

0117 955 955


Authentic Thin Crust Pizzas In A Range Of Local and Classic Flavours

So we decided to take a break from work, give into our cravings and drop by at the Arthur’s Pizzeria over at Horton Place for a slice of their classic thin crust pizza! And I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised. Offering a range of ‘Sri Lankanized’ pizzas (their words, not mine), as well as the regular classics, we definitely do plan on revisiting them soon!




Garlic Roast Paan (LKR 300)

The Garlic Roast Paan was definitely a disappointment, as it came to the table quite soggy and generally bland. There was barely any garlic flavour present, and the sogginess of the bread seemed to have come from being smothered in too much butter.




Chicken Nai Miris Pizza (LKR 1450)

Walking in, I was excited to try Arthur’s signature Chicken Nai Miris Pizza. Generously topped with chicken, cheese and, of course, nai miris, all of us at the table were enjoying our own little slices of paradise. However, if you’re someone who’s a sucker for spice hoping for it to be flaming hot, you might find this to be a little bit on the milder side of the spectrum.


Bacon Annasi Pizza (LKR 1600)

Okay I know this is a sensitive subject and I know what you’re thinking – pineapple on pizza. To be, or not to be: that is the question. Speaking as someone who has quite literally avoided eating pineapple all his life, it was on this fateful day that I was made to try it for the very first time. And if you’re one of those people, then – trust me – this Bacon Annasi Pizza is for you (and me)! Cheesy and topped with a good amount of bacon, we definitely enjoyed this! The pineapple added a nice contrast in flavours, with its sweet and tart flavours against the salty bacon.


Prawn Miris Pasta (LKR 880)

Living up to its hype, the Prawn Miris Pasta, surely delivered. This one is definitely for the spice fanatics, and it won’t disappoint. This came topped with cheese, olives, fresh herbs and – you guessed it – freshly cut miris.




Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (LKR 320)

Having had our more than fair share of spicy food for the day, we were ready to give ourselves a break, and indulge in this generously portioned piece of chocolate biscuit pudding. And we weren’t let down. Drizzled in chocolate sauce, this little piece of chocolate heaven was to die for and we, for sure, recommend it!


This dimly light setting, donned with pictures of Arthur himself, was a quite compact space. There is also an outdoor seating area, available in the back, allowing a decent amount of natural light into the indoor space. We found the staff to be less hospitable than we had expected and quite irresponsible (there was water damage everywhere, unattended to), along with the fact that the service takes a little too long.


Tip – If you’re looking to get extra cheese, meat or vegetables on your pizzas, there’s going to be an added cost of LKR 140, LKR 170 and LKR 80, respectively.