Restaurant Reviews Arcadia Café and Restaurant

Arcadia Café and Restaurant

2018 Dec 27

Open Time:

7am to 11pm


917, 16th Lane, Colombo 03


Next to Tea Fortress

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Stellar food at a horticultural escapade!

It’s been a smidge over two months since Arcadia Café and Restaurant opened up and as we entered the eatery, on the surface, we could tell they were doing a great job! The dining area is compartmentalized into three separate concepts, so as you enter you find a simple bakery/café area with artsy flora paintings. Here they sell baked goods like pastries, a variety of breads, and even seasonal treats such as Yule logs. We were also told that they can provide cakes within 45 minutes with your preferred lettering/design.
Next, they have an air conditioned dining area which is more intimate and would be ideal for a date, and finally the last door opens up to a beautiful backyard full of various types of potted plants, ferns and a lovely hedge green wall acting as a stunning backdrop for the table with most number of seating. We were in awe at how much thought had been put into the creation of such a vivid space. It does get quite warm in the outdoor area however, but not to worry, as they are planning on getting the backyard air conditioned as well.


Marshmallow Hot Chocolate – LKR 450

This mug of warm chocolatey goodness might as well be a giant hug. It is the perfect go-to beverage on a cold day or even at the end of a long day. For my palate, the marshmallows added just the right amount of sugar and the extra sugar Arcadia provided seemed unnecessary. It’s quite a big mug as well so it can be quite filling.

Hazelnut Frappe – LKR 490

This beverage arrived looking super colourful thanks to the generous amount of sprinkles atop the even more generous serving of whipped cream. The downside to this frappe was that it had more coffee than hazelnut and really lacked flavour. It was too sweet and the faint taste of hazelnut and its ideal consistency unfortunately could not save this drink.

Berry Nice – LKR 540

Once again, this smoothie was an overpowering of flavours. The yoghurt to berry ratio was way off. It was made with too much yoghurt, but there was a nice zest to it. Sadly, it didn’t live up to its name and tasted more like a mug of drinking yoghurt. On the plus side, Arcadia uses paper straws which, paired with the floriculture concept, really denoted its eco-friendly nature.

Passion Fruit Virgin Mojito – LKR 350

Easily the best out of the drinks we ordered, the passion fruit virgin mojito consisted of lime, mint and of course passion fruit. It was super refreshing and we loved everything about this drink! Not to mention, at LKR 350, this was such a steal!


Fiery Egg Drop Soup with Shredded Crab Meat – LKR 540

Warm and aromatic, this soup was really worth the price! They were not stingy with the crab meat and it would be a great pick me up when you are sick. The components in this soup amalgamated to form a really wholesome dish and the egg and crab pairing will not disappoint!

Shellfish Stuffed Tortillas – LKR 800

This was hands down the best dish we were served, which is ironic because this was mistakenly brought to our table because the waiter got the order wrong. Nevertheless, we were SO glad about the mishap because this dish was to die for. There was an abundance of chopped shellfish and bell peppers stuffed in the tortillas. The side of guacamole was the perfect accompaniment to this Spanish treat!

Indian Ocean Shrimp Cocktail – LKR 940

The presentation of this dish was on point! The shrimps were laid elegantly and symmetrically, and while the shrimps alone tasted good, the dressing really overpowered the dish. The dressing was too acidic and although the parsley added colour, it also added a strong flavour which did not complement the dressing. This dish did not live up to its presentation.

Deep Fried Calamari Rings with Spicy Garlic Sauce – LKR 650

Although a bit too oily, the calamari rings were battered to perfection. They were crispy and golden while the lime did wonders in terms of flavour, adding a zesty twist. This dish goes hand in hand with Arcadia’s Passion Fruit Virgin Mojito, so order the two, and thank us later!


Linguine with Indian Ocean Prawns – LKR 900

We couldn’t quite make out why the Shrimp Cocktail cost more than the Linguine, but we wanted to see if this dish would be executed well so we went ahead and ordered it. Thankfully, this was another winning dish of our meal. The linguine was cooked al dente and was slathered with a rich cream sauce providing just the right consistency. They were super generous with the seafood and olives and we could not get enough of this dish! We’ll definitely be going back for more.

Kukul Mas Kottu – LKR 640

Off their Kottu options we ordered Arcadia’s Kukul Mas Kottu and the Lankan in me was very happy! This dish is good on its own but they also provide a side of spicy chicken gravy and chilli paste for that true Lankan taste. This dish consisted of chunks of chicken and even a salad on the side making it all the more colourful and delectable.

Naan with Mutton Curry – LKR 840

This dish was very filling! You get three naans, a hefty portion of mutton curry and a side salad. The mutton was soft, spicy and made the Nuwara-Eliya way. The naans were buttery and unlike most restaurants, Arcadia’s naans were not unnecessarily powdery. The side salad acted as a good getaway when the curry was too spicy so all the elements complemented each other to form a satisfying dish.

Classic Steak Au Poivre – LKR 1490

You get to choose how you want your steak done, but although we wanted it medium rare, we were served a well done steak. However, the dish thoroughly made up for this flaw in terms of flavour. The brandy-red wine cream sauce with mushrooms tasted amazing and added the essence the steak craved. Underneath the steak, was a bed of mashed potatoes made with the right consistency and no lumps. The side salad was a nice surprise and added a crunch the rest of the dish lacked.


Cooling Avocado Panna Cotta with an Orange Reduction – LKR 500

One thing we loved about Arcadia is how accurate they were in preparing what the menu portrayed. The dishes we were served looked very similar if not ideal replicas to the pictures on the menu. One such replica was this heavenly dessert. This should be a must try on any avocado lover’s list. The dessert was soft, creamy and was also a great palate cleanser. The orange reduction added a tangy flavour making it a super unique dessert. Just YUM.

Raspberry Crème Brulee – LKR 540

Taking a bite into this, the crackling caramelised sugar was made to perfection! However, we were left wondering where the flavour of raspberry was. Still, we kept digging into this otherwise creamy and decadent dessert, unveiling a hidden raspberry coulis which really kicked it up a notch. The coulis was fruity and added an incredible zest to the custard cream.

All in all, we were pleased with our meal at Arcadia Café and restaurant. Although they have some fine tuning to do in terms of flavour of their dishes, their presentation and ambience gets a 10/10 from us. They also, have another function menu for either corporate events or kids’ parties, inclusive of mini items, so call Arcadia in advance to order yummy treats for your next event!
Have you been to Arcadia Café and Restaurant yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – They have ample seating so gather up the crew and have a wholesome meal!


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