Restaurant Reviews AllStar Sports Lounge

AllStar Sports Lounge

2020 Mar 10

Open Time:

10:30 am - 10:30 pm


117/1 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07


Right opposite Viharamadevi Park


A brand spanking new sports lounge is exactly what Colombo needed, and that’s exactly what it got! All-Star Sport Lounge is the newest place in town! Located at the old “Kelly Felder” property, opposite Viharamahadevi Park. Offering an affordable range of food and beverage, this is one not to miss out on.



Passion Vodka Martini (LKR 1000)

Although the presentation wasn’t the most aesthetic with this one, the taste made up for every other flaw. Tart and the subtle sweetness to this cocktail which is perfect for any tropical day in sunny Colombo! Personally as a huge passionfruit fan, this twist could have used a few more flavours within its recipe. 


Whiskey Sour (LKR 1000)

From it’s chici minimalist presentation and well balanced flavour to alcohol ratio, this classic cocktail is almost hard to not have. Finding virtually no flaw the day we had this concoction, it may even be the best one they’ve got.


Jager Bomb (LKR 1000)

Like yours truly that’s accustomed to having their Jager bombs with beer, All star (like most bars around Colombo), serve this with Redbull. Making this drink go down much smoother and sweeter too.  




Beer Batter Prawns (LKR 1960)

This dish is one not to be shared! However the generous portion size would beg to differ. Juicy and tender prawns coated in a light and crispy beer batter, served with chilli sauce and a wedge of lime for an extra kick. Well balanced flavour palette to texture ratio all round.


Onion Rings (LKR 690)

Never understanding the reason why most people enjoyed onion rings, trying this out was a treat indeed. Unfortunately, the seasoning from the batter was overpowered as they were over-fried, but the subtle sweetness from the juicy onion ring that blends into the crunchy batter saved the overall meal experience. We personally cannot hate on this dish.




Crumb Fried Chicken Drumsticks (LKR 1490)

A generous serving of fried chicken drumsticks, served with a mixed salad and french fries. Although the meat had space for more flavours and seasoning, the fusion with the cold salad balances the overall meal. Consisting of red/ yellow peppers, lettuce and cabbage topped with a vinaigrette.this portion size is certainly value for money!


Grilled Pork Chop with Oranges (LKR 1790)

Although the flavour components of this dish was great, the textures fell short: letting down the overall experience for this dish. Aesthetically presented well-done pork chops served with cold salad and french fries brings in different textures and flavour combos. The accompanying sauce tasted quite good and paired well with the pork, unfortunately the lack of sauce with the well-cooked meat made this a very dry and somewhat chewy task to complete, along with a very “MSG” after-taste!


Composed of  sleek and sophisticated accents within their ambience, having a spacious indoor area and bar on the ground level, along to the VIP members lounge for all sports lovers to kick back and watch any game from the plethora of flatscreens on the 2nd level and a laid back outdoor rooftop perfect for any occasion.