Restaurant Reviews Alhambra at Ramada Colombo

Alhambra at Ramada Colombo

2020 Feb 16

Open Time:

12PM – 3PM, 7PM – 11PM


30 Sri Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3


Just a few blocks passing Christ Church in Galle Face

Contact No

011 2422001


A literal North Indian Cuisine Haven!

Having rooted in Colombo in 1974, Alhambra is undeniably one of the best Indian restaurants in town that has an extensive range of North Indian dishes that make your taste buds shimmy in joy! As soon as we found out that they had revamped their menu and added so many more mouth-watering delicacies into their catalogue, we had to drop by for another review, especially considering how satisfying and wholesome our first visit to Alhambra was. We have to say, we were mind-blown on the consistent quality and the benevolent hospitality that they provide.



Alhambra provides a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to choose from so that you can choose the perfect drink to accompany your meals.


Faluda (LKR 500)

Rich, creamy and milky with just the right amount of rose water sweetness. The decadent milky flavour was wholesome and comforting. The texture was smooth and dense, it was quite a filling drink. However, being a sucker for the crunchy Poppy seeds, we felt that it was inadequately added in the drink.


Sweet Lassi (LKR 500)


If you’re looking for the perfect drink on a hot, sunny day, then Alhambra’s Sweet Lassi is a must try! It’s one of those delicacies that leaves you wanting more, from just the first sip. It’s rich, yet very smooth, light and airy. The sourness of the yogurt seeps through but is contradicted with just the right amount of sweetness, hence the sweet and the sour elements of the drink are very well balanced.


Mango Lassi (LKR 500)


We absolutely loved the Mango Lassi the last time we visited; hence thought we should order it again. The tanginess of the Mango complimented the hint of sourness from the yogurt unexpectedly well, and there was a slight hint of a sweet undertone that just elevated the drink very well. The texture was much more dense compared to the Sweet Lassi and the drink was quite filling, but it was definitely a plus for us!



Assorted Kebab Platter (LKR 2200)


The Kebab Platter had a variety of mutton, chicken, mullet fish, king fish and prawns, and it looked absolutely delicious. The subtle taste of coconut milk seeped through and complimented the softness of the meat very well. The mullet fish had a strong citrus-y kick that was a vastly different taste from the king fish, but adds much more flavour. The mullet fish was chewy, but a little contrast in texture was something that we found pleasant. The tandoori spices came through, complimenting the flavour of the chicken very well. The mutton was spicy compared to the other meats, a strong hint of pepper kicking in. However, we felt that the seasoning on the meat was not strong enough. All in all, the platter was delicate and delicious, we would definitely recommend it!


Aloo Tikki Chaat (LKR 480)


Smooth mashed potatoes infused with green peas, made into a circular cake, the Aloo Tikki Chaat was warm and comforting. There were fried onions that added a crisp to the soft mashed potato filling and the flavour of coriander complimented the filling very well. The dish was served with a spicy chutney, which added just the right amount of spice to the dish. Although, we felt that this dish was also lacking a little bit of seasoning, especially salt.


Gosht Pepper Fry (LKR 1250)


From the starters, the Gosht Pepper Fry was definitely the star of our lunch experience at Alhambra! A strong pepper kick, with the subtle sour taste of tamarind and a light coriander undertone; it was love at first bite! Additionally, the flavour of the lamb was noticeable, even with the burst of different flavours and spices, one quality of the dish that we loved! If you’re a meat lover with a knack for spice, this dish is definitely a must-try for you!



Bombay Biryani: Mutton (LKR 1900)


Hands down, one of the best biryanis that we have tried so far! The biryani was served in a small clay pot, but the portion size was enough for two people. From the very first bite, we noticed that the rice had completely absorbed the flavour of the saffron, the fresh coriander as well as the subtle flavour of the mutton. The meat was tender and well-cooked and the biryani was topped off with some wonderful cashew nuts and raisins. Raita was served with the biriyani, and it was soft, light and airy, adding just the right amount of sourness to the dish.


Paneer Butter Masala (LKR 1200)


We were really looking forward to tasting this dish, as sometimes the paneer can be quite grainy in texture.  The tomato gravy was rich, creamy and smooth in texture and the paneer was so soft, it literally melted in my mouth. There was a faint kick of chili and pepper in the gravy, as well as a slightly sweet undertone to the dish, giving the dish a very good balance in flavour. Clearly, this dish stole our hearts and we definitely recommend it!


Murgh Achari (LKR 1150)


This was one of the chicken dishes that we tried from the extensive menu Alhambra offers, and we sure are glad that we ordered this dish! The chicken was so tender and soft, and the pickles that were added into the dish gave a nice tangy touch to the flavour. We loved that the curry was super packed with flavour, ranging from a variety of spices, coriander and good seasoning.


Jhinga Pasanda (LKR 2200)


Being seafood fanatics, this dish was totally up our alley. The prawns included in the curry were so soft and scrumptious and the curry was creamy and dense. The fried onions included in the gravy gives a nice caramelized taste, elevating the dish in terms of flavour. This dish is one of the dishes that is less spicy comparatively, hence if you don’t have an appetite for spicy food, this dish definitely caters to you.




Amritsari Kulcha (LKR 550)

The flat bread had a light mashed potato stuffing, infused with pomegranate masala and we were very interested to see how the pomegranate element in the stuffing would taste. The masala was rich in spices and flavour, with a nice cumin undertone to the taste. The bread was soft and the masala filling went really well with the oven-cooked bread. However, the pomegranate taste didn’t really come through, which was a sad discovery, especially since we were intrigued by the pomegranate element of the dish.

Rumali Roti (LKR 280)

Roti can easily be comfort food with some tasty curries and this roti did just that. The roti was soft, thin and earthy which makes it perfect to mix with the curries. The roti was not stuffy, hence absorbed the flavour of the curries really well. A must try, if you love a good roti!




Gajar Halwa (LKR 600)


Having a major sweet tooth made us fall in love with this dish instantly. The fine shreds of carrot had totally absorbed the sweetness of the condensed milk and the light crunch from the carrot was completely elevated with the cashews, and the raisins gave a sense of sourness to the dish, which we absolutely loved. The Gajar Halwa definitely lifted our spirits and we would totally recommend this dish.



A comfortable interior that is bound to give you a royal experience, great food and cordial
hospitality – what more could we ask for? They have an expansive menu, with different food items served at different times of the day, for your added convenience. They also host a Mughal Buffet on Fridays, if you’re in the mood for a feast, from 7PM to 11PM at LKR 2750 Nett. Alhambra is one of the best restaurants in town to visit, to get some family time
in, to wine and dine with your besties and to spend some quality time with your loved ones!

Tip – Go for the Paneer Butter Masala. You will not regret it!