Restaurant Reviews Ahara at Amari Galle

Ahara at Amari Galle

2019 Jul 8

Open Time:

24 hours a day


523c, Galle Rd, Galle


Down Galle Road one Kilometer before the Dadalla Cemetery

Contact No

0912 030 500


Dining in the lap of Luxury in the bosom of Galle!



Amari Resorts’ latest addition in Galle is something definitely worth talking about. Being Galle’s only international five-star hotel does have its merits, as from the moment you enter the premises you feel like you’re on holiday.

Ahara, which is the main restaurant within the hotel that serves a range of amazing dishes that will leave anyone wanting more. From the relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere to the amazing food, Ahara offers up a lovely experience that I will most certainly cherish.

The restaurant focusses on Western, Sri Lankan, and East Asian cuisine and takes great pride in adding a modern spin to classic dishes.




Local Tuna Crudo – LKR 1200

This dish is as fresh as it gets as the tuna is sourced from local fisherman so you know what you’re getting. The coconut shreds, mango and local greens (which was Gotukola in our case) make for an interesting mouthfeel and flavour complexity.


Poached Prawn Coral Reef – LKR 1450

A feast for the eyes, if I have ever seen one. This impressive assortment of seafood which includes tuna and prawn served with a fennel and pumpkin sauce makes for a truly amazing culinary experience. This is something you have to try out!


Rack of Lamb Chettinad – LKR 5500

This South-Indian dish offers something familiar even though it’s a unique experience in and of itself. The coconut chutney along with the South-Indian marinate helps this dish pack a flavourful punch.


The Surf and Turf – LKR 3000

If you’re someone looking for all the meat out there this is the dish for you. An impressive platter of lobster, steak and fish this dish not only looks stunning (and will be amazing for the gram) but it’s also quite flavourful and sinfully decadent.


Seared Pork Belly – LKR 1480

This East-Asian dish is probably the most flavourful item we had and even though it looks quite simple (although it’s stunning) the flavour is amazing! The pork which was slow-braised and then seared managed to still be succulent while offering an array of textures.


Dan Ka Kum-Rubiyan – LKR 1550

For those who are inclined towards rice, this dish will surely satisfy you. This South-Asian dish has an all too familiar flavour profile that you are bound to enjoy. The raisins added in were an awesome touch.




Layered Chocolate Torte – LKR 1200

This dessert looked absolutely stunning and the Belgian Chocolate made a big difference. The array of textures within this made for a pleasurable experience and this dessert will be a little piece of heaven for any chocolate lover. 


Willard Mango Panna Cota – LKR 1200

For those who are are looking for a lighter option for dessert, this fresh dish will truly be a delight. Not only does it look amazing but it also offers up a lot in terms of taste.


It goes without saying, but I simply adored Ahara and the time I spent there and the food I had was the highlight of my week.

If you’re in the area and is in the mood for a gastronomical adventure in a relaxed setting, this is the place to go!


Have you been to Ahara at Amari yet? Let us know in the comments below.


Tip – Sea-food is their jam so you have to check that out!


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