Restaurant Reviews Aasife Biriyani – Reviewed

Aasife Biriyani – Reviewed

2017 May 15

Open Time:

10.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.


No.939, Ethul Kotte, Rajagiriya


Next to Burger King

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Biryani tummies are the best kind of tummies!


Walking into Aasife Biriyani, you’d notice how it looks like your usual, family friendly biriyani restaurant. The staff speaks fluent English and were very helpful when it came to our concerns about the place and their food. The food did arrive reasonably soon which was great because we ordered quite a lot of items off their menu. They also have a private room for large parties, so you can hammer your plate of biriyani and have no one judge you!


Lemon Mint – Rs.200

Served with fresh mint leaves, this drink definitely did the trick! If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst and make you feel like you’re on the shores of Bali, you should definitely get the Lemon mint! Although it tasted tangy, it was also pleasantly sweet, neither taste overpowered the other. The mint flavor was mild and certainly refreshed our palettes.

Fruit Mocktail – Rs.250

Decorated with a mini umbrella that pierced through a slice of lime, we were a little disappointed upon tasting this drink since it did not live up to its name  Although this drink was expected to consist of mixed fruits, the only taste that came through was papaw. The consistency of this drink was not too thick but rather too watery for our taste, thus coming off as a dilute form of liquid papaw.

Faluda – Rs.300

Unlike the usual pink Faluda with Basil seeds (Kasa Kasa) that we have all grown to know and love, this was a rather eccentric drink by the looks of it. Upon receiving this drink, we questioned the staff multiple times if it was actually their Faluda and they kept reassuring us that it was. Topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, candied fruits, 2 plain wafers, cashew, chocolate syrup, etc. we certainly discovered that there was a lot going on with this drink. With every sip you take, you discover new ingredients within the drink. What put us off was how whoever prepared the drink decided to go crazy with the ingredients without really focusing on a core taste. Few of these ingredients were pineapples, mango, apples, papaw, rose syrup and RAISINS!? There was simply too much going around for us to detect any flavor. Let’s not even start on the diabetes.  

Jigarthanda – Rs.250

Puzzling us even further, we noticed that this drink looked exactly like the faluda that we’re all used to. Once again we questioned the staff, only to be given the same replies as before. A pink, creamy texture, topped off with Kasa Kasa, we were quite surprised when we took our first sip. It did not taste like the Ice Cream infused faluda that you find at every corner-of-the-street shop, needless to say it isn’t the same. The Jigarthanda was a pink creamy liquid that tasted like strawberry stirred yoghurt, which was quite pleasant to drink. The strawberry flavor came through well and the creamy texture helped cooling down the spiciness from the food that we devoured.


Nandu Rasam – Rs.250

The best part about this Rasam is that it has a crab infused in it! We were a little sad that the meat wasn’t out of the shell nevertheless it had a rich flavour of crab. It’s quite spicy so if you can’t handle the heat, refrain. Since it’s not heavy, we had no problem finishing it and devouring the rest of the portions of food we ordered as well.

Chicken Lollipop – Rs.450

This dish consisted of chicken drumlets with foil wrapped around the bone, placed around a bowl of garlic sauce, topped off with shreds of lettuce and carrot. This was my favourite out of the lot! It was a little salty, but the texture was amazing. The outer layer was crunchy and the meat inside was very succulent. With the garlic sauce, the flavours mixed so well. You must try this dish out!

Paneer Tikka – Rs.350

The skewer consisted of thick slices of Paneer, tomato and lime. There was also green sambol and onion sambol to help with the taste. However, I wasn’t much of a fan of the Paneer Tikka since the slices of Paneer were a little too dry.

Aasife Kebab Platter – Rs.680

This dish came with a little smoky effect that intrigued us. It consists of meat and ingredients, so you can make your own kebab! The mix of chicken looked different however every type tasted exactly the same. The chicken did taste like tandoori and was rich in flavour.


Mutton Mughal Biriyani – Rs.600

Specialising in biriyani, we could surely say Aasife’s makes the best Mutton biriyani around! Mixed with carrots, burnt onions, eggs and cashew, the rice was incredibly flavorsome and had a generous amount of moist mutton in it. The portion we got was enough to feed 2 people and for 600 bucks, it was worth it.

Chicken 65 Biriyani – Rs.520

The star of this dish was the big chicken leg! The meat was so moist that it easily broke off the bone. The chicken complemented the rice very well, so if you’re looking for a good biriyani feed, Aasife Biriyani is the place to go!

Mixed Seafood Fried Rice – Rs.420

Compared to the biriyani, we weren’t quite impressed with this dish. We were told that this dish was completely seafood oriented but we found quite a lot of pieces of mutton(????). The rice wasn’t cooked well and tasted a little too bland and the prawns in it were just.. sad. They didn’t look fresh at all and barely had any meat in them. Not a good dish to have unless you have some curries that complement it.

Garlic Naan – Rs.90 each and Aasife Chicken Masala – Rs.460

I loved the fact that this naan had slices of garlic within it so that it doesn’t fall short of the garlic flavour. This naan is great to have with Aasife’s Chicken Masala. The presentation on the masala looked quite good and the meat was just as great. This curry was mildly spicy and the chicken was extremely juicy. 10/10 flavour!

Have you tried Aasife Biryani yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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