Restaurant Reviews A Minute By Tuk Tuk

A Minute By Tuk Tuk

2020 Feb 24

Open Time:

10AM to 11PM


1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


Located at One Galle Face

Contact No

0112 324 020



Fusion Cuisine Catering To A Wide Range Of Taste Buds

We gathered at A Minute by Tuk Tuk at One Galle Face mall after a bustling day of work, craving a foodie’s experience. They did not fail! Catering to a wide range of taste buds and quite different to what we know of their restaurant down south. Head over here for fusion cuisine served within a quirky, jungle inspired ambience.




The Health Nut (LKR 750)


With a sweeter aftertaste than expected, this refreshing mocktail brings about health and comfort food together very well. This thirst-quenching concoction is one for those who prefer a non-alcoholic, slightly tarty drink to knock back.


Smirkin’ Gimlet (LKR 950)


A strong hit of gin shaken with sweet, spring-like flavours from the lychee. This could be dubbed “Colombo’s Cosmopolitan” with its minimalist presentation and light flavours that unexpectedly pack a punch.


Jack to a King (LKR 950)


Arrack made bougie, this drink is for the seasoned arrack lovers with a palette that admires Sri Lankan flavours. Served in a coconut shell, the arrack swirled with king coconut water has a familiar and refreshing experience. However a more diverse mix of flavours would’ve not hurt either!




Aunty Aida’s Mutton Soup (LKR 950)


Ever remember the homemade bone soup that you had when you were sick? How good did that make everything feel? This soup brings back all those experiences and emotions along with meat that falls right off the bone and a spice level that cleanses a foodie’s soul. Bearing a very lentil-based flavour profile and a range of textures, from the slightly dense soup to the soft and chewy mutton, combined with the crunchy roast paan, this dish was extremely satisfactory.




Taka Taka (Crab) (LKR 1400)


A substantial portion of oven baked crab koththu that was moist and well seasoned. However, this crab kottu may not be for everyone, with the crab meat oilier than personally preferred and a spice level that overpowers the other flavours in comparison.


It’s a Wrap 1200)


Never a better time to be vegetarian! This pulled jack fruit wrap that’s is inspired by pulled pork was bursting with flavour. With a similar taste to that of Sri Lankan curried spices and dipped in with the guacamole, this simple meal has such a well balanced range of texture from chunky jackfruit to the soft guacamole and chewy tortilla wraps.




Mangoficient (LKR 800)


A smooth sorbet that appeals to the savoury side of the flavor palette than the sweet, which makes this a great light dessert. This dessert has a lot going on with its textures from the half ripened grilled mango and foam to the melt-in-your-mouth mango sorbet.




Mixing tribal inspiration and modern minimalist accents, the ambience gives off a very hip feel. Appreciating the quiet dining experience juxtapose to the hustle that goes on throughout the mall , the restaurant gives its customers an almost familiar but new vibe.


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