Restaurant Reviews 41 Sugar Reviewed

41 Sugar Reviewed

2016 Sep 8

Open Time:

5 pm – 12 am | Happy Hour: 5 pm – 7 pm (Friday/Saturday), 5 pm – 8 pm (Mon-Thurs/Sun)


41 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 07


Contact No


Contemporary bars and city stars


Right across the road from Avirate and just beside the DSI exclusive showroom, lies a beautiful rooftop bar that dwells in contemporary architecture. As in you walk out of the elevator and into the restaurant, you’re immediately greeted with warm smiles and a tasteful sense of American architecture.

It’s very different to your everyday bar in Colombo. With both indoor and outdoor dining and a theatrical sense to the place, 41 Sugar will definitely be one of our most visited favourite in the city. When we walked in for the first time, there was a quick sense of home ushered into us and immediately we knew that this was where we would head to for a weekly fix after a busy day.


The place has definitely got its ‘wow’ factor boxes ticked. For happy hour on Regular Cocktails, House Wines and Local Beers head over to 41 sugar on Fridays and Saturdays from 5-7 p.m. and the rest of the week from 5-8 p.m.


What’s so great about the place is really the setting and how it speaks to your inner love for elegant but homely sense for some good furnishing. They’ve got both the outdoor and an indoor restaurant. I’d suggest grabbing a seat on the rooftop in the mid-evening and if you’re lucky, you’d even get a chance to catch the beautiful sunset that the view at 41 Sugar offers.


I think it’s a great setting for a date night with the melodramatic lighting and the chic outlook of the place. It’s a very Americana like place with cozy black leather couches and upgraded chandeliers. They not only have great food but good music and the addition of a live band to accompany you on Wednesdays to Saturdays.


41 Sugar is constantly trying out new ways upgrading the dining experiences that their customers receive and we were told that the best way to keep up with them is through their Facebook page.

Food and Drinks

Disclaimer: They did tell us that since their menu is a little old, they’ll be changing it around about next month.

Drinks: Mexican Honey, 41 Mary and the Elderflower Fizz

We asked the waiter what he thought was the best cocktail picks and he suggested that we go for the Mexican Honey, 41 Mary and the Elderflower Fizz.


The Mexican Honey was definitely the best out of the 3 and we’d rate it a 5/5. It was a beautiful mix of Tequila, Cacao white, Lime Cordial and Bee’s honey. The combo worked perfectly together and the salty layer on the cup did so much difference.


The 41 Mary was not my forte. I thought it tasted more like a seafood soup than a cocktail. Thumbs down on that. But I get why it tasted that way, since this does say “41” Mary one can only expect it to be their take on the otherwise typical Bloody Mary. It was perhaps because of this that they wanted to resonate the Italian senses in the drink and included ingredients like tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you’re a seafood soup lover, this might be your next favourite thing.


The Elderflower Fizz was a cocktail with a gin base. It looked a lot like your evening cuppa but we felt like the quantity of gin was too much and made the drink out of proportionately stronger than what we expected it to be.

I suggest you try their Smokey Cocktail because we were told that they were exceptional and one of a kind. Sadly we weren’t able to take a knack at it because it wasn’t on the menu that day.

Appetizers: Baby Squids in cashew nuts and chili pepper, ‘Bacon & Egg’ croquettes and Black pork pol roti


As appetizers we tried out their Baby Squids, Pork Pol Roti and their coquettes. Needless to say, as fancy as they do sound, these dishes left us all wanting for more. The Baby Squids, cashew nuts, chili and pepper combo was one of a kind at Rs.1250. It was a tad bit spicy and very filing. It wasn’t your average Sri Lankan appetizer with less meat and a whole other ton of garbage. The dish was packed with meat that was crispy and hard at the same time. The mix of cashew nuts brought in a positive change and I can assure you it did not taste like boiled cuttlefish or squid if like me, that’s what you first thought of when you read the title of the dish.


Next we tried their ‘Bacon & Egg’ croquettes with carrot puréeat Rs.1150. The purée was such a sweet sauce and the complemented the croquettes well. There was a concussion of cheese inside the croquettes that left off a tinge of savory after the dish was consumed.


As deliciously Lankan the name sounds, the Black pork, pol roti, lunumiris sambol and riata dish at Rs.1200 kept us wanting for more. The name says it all. Don’t walk out of 41 Sugar without trying this hit of a take on Sri Lankan Pol roti.

Mains: Roasted chicken breast, Mushroom Pie and Sea Bass


Can our night have gotten any better? For our mains we tried their Roasted Chicken Breast, Mushroom Pie and Sea Bass. The Roasted chicken breast with sweet corn, spiced popcorn and salsa verde at Rs.1550 was a stunner. The dish was accompanied with butter fried asparagus, small potatoes, green minty sauce and green beans. For Rs.1550, it was pretty filing and very varied. The popcorn defeated my assumptions of being a bad addition and the boneless chicken was thoroughly marinated and cooked to the right texture, juicy and flavorsome. We still thought the spices in the chicken could have cut through a little bit better with some stronger seasoning. If not for that, the dish was an all-rounder.


Our next pick was their Mushroom pie with goat’s cheese and a roast vegetable salad also going for Rs.1500. The pie was a little too biscuit on the outside, not to our liking. But the creamy mushrooms that starred the pie defiantly stole our hearts. The thick mix of cheese and mushroom and the added smokiness in the pie was a show stopper. The roast vege salad was also a great accompaniment.


We also decided to try their Sea Bass dish with Sea bass, parsley crust, king prawn, salad alaNiçoise and a saffron vinaigrette at Rs.2000. The fish filet was nicely cooked. Wasn’t too dry on the outside. The skin was kept on and was fried so it added a crispy texture to every bite you took. The King Prawn was super fresh we all surprised at how freshly-out-of-the-sea it tasted. There was a bit of a wine taste to the dish as well.

They also gave us a sneak peak tasting of two dishes that are yet to come. They will add them to their menus in about a month or so: their Tom Yum Daiquiri and their Tamarind Finn.


The Tom Yum Daiquiri brought in a sweet taste at the beginning but left a spicy texture and taste in our palettes.


The Tamarind Fin was also such a star, the garnish was absolutely beautiful and the taste was heavenly. Definitely two dishes you need to try once they are on their menu.

Overall, we had a great experience at 41 Sugar. Let us know what you think of 41 Sugar in the comments below! Is there anything we missed?


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