PULSE Recipes Tempered Keselmuwa

Tempered Keselmuwa

2018 Jun 7

Want to learn how to cook some delicious tempered Keselmuwa? Check out our recipe right here!


• Keselmuwa 1 medium
• Kos eta
• Onions 2 small
• Green chilies 2
• Curry powder ½ tsp
• Salt 1/3 tsp
• Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
• Chili powder ½ tsp
• Goraka 1 piece
• Coconut milk 1 ½ cups
• Curry leaves
• Oil 2 tsp
• Mustard seeds ¼ tsp


1. Cut keselmuwa and clean kos eta into small pieces.
2. Add onions, green chilies, curry powder, salt, turmeric powder, chili powder, goraka, curry leaves, and coconut milk.
3. Cook on medium heat.
4. Place the keselmuwa curry into another pot.
5. Add oil to this and when heated, add onion, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. When the seeds begin to pop, add the cooked keselmuwa curry. Mix well and take this off the flame.

Aunty D. is a full-time mom working a little magic in the kitchen whenever she’s got time on her hands. She brings to you easy and fast recipes with a twist of Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques. Get Cooking!