News Australian Police drop terrorism charges against Kamer Nizamdeen

Australian Police drop terrorism charges against Kamer Nizamdeen

2018 Oct 19

On the 31st of August, Nizamdeen was charged of collecting documents likely  to facilitate terrorist acts with claims that his plan to kill Australian politicians was found in a notebook. 

On the 28th of September, Sri Lankan born Australian university student Kamer Nizamdeen was released on bail, after close to a month of debate and calls for justice since his arrest.

Today, on the 19th of October, the 25 year old PhD student at UNSW has finally been cleared of all charges. 

Nizamdeen’s lawyers had earlier described the case as “extremely weak, almost non-existent”, after an expert handwriting examiner found that the sole piece of evidence did not contain his handwriting and “found an inconclusive result on the relevant entries contained in the notebook”. This point was what led to his release on bail, and after being further brought up at the Central local court on Friday, the prosecutors officially dropped the case.

During trial, more of Nizamdeen’s material belongings were brought in as evidence such as his computer, mobile, and other documents but “No extremist ideology material has been located on devices found in possession of Mr Nizamdeen,” Ms Choy said. Even after 8 hours of grueling interviews with the police, the only real piece of evidence the prosecution was able to provide was the notebook that allegedly belonged to him.

It is indeed an incredible day for his friends, family, and all those who supported him in Sri Lanka, with petitions, protests, calling for #JusticeforKamer. Here’s what Kamer had to say last month, after his release on bail. At last, justice has been served.