News British Soap Star Jimmy Essex gets engaged in Sri Lanka

British Soap Star Jimmy Essex gets engaged in Sri Lanka

2019 Jan 24

British actor Jimmy Essex, of the television show Hollyoaks, has gotten engaged to his musician boyfriend of six years, right here in Sri Lanka!

Essex shared the news on Instagram, as did his soon-to-be husband Charles. Check it out below!

Although the couple isn’t intending to make any type of political statement, for a country where homosexuality is still illegal, an announcement such as this can cause a ripple effect, both positive and negative.

In Sri Lanka, the act of same-sex sex is indeed deemed an ‘unnatural offence’ and ‘an act of gross indecency between persons’ under Articles 365 of the 1885 Penal Code.

The legalization of homosexuality is a highly debated topic across the country and what is needed is the sparking of conversation on the topic, largely swept under the rug. For now, we congratulate the happy couple on their engagement!

(Note: if you’re looking to engage in conversation and help #BreakTheTaboo in Sri Lanka surrounding topics such as homosexuality, gender identity, and more, drop by Taboo 2019 this Saturday, the 26th of January. Find out more right here and on


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