News First Two Sri Lankan Women to Graduate From Army School of Ceremonial,...

First Two Sri Lankan Women to Graduate From Army School of Ceremonial, UK

2019 Jan 19

Each year military personnel travel from across the world (the Commonwealth, Middle East, and Asia) to attend the Army School of Ceremonial based in Catterick, New Yorkshire and learn the art of drill. This year, for the very first time, two Sri Lankan women are set to graduate this week from the Army School of Ceremonial.

Flight Lieutenant Attale and Corporal Amarasena have done their country proud by being the first two Sri Lankan women to be a part of this course, and, upon their graduation, will not only be capable of performing the drill with perfect conduct but will also be able to give lessons to their own military divisions upon their arrival home.
Students learn under experienced instructors that have traveled to various regions including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, and Hong Kong and spread the teachings of the British drill. It is in these capable hands that students graduate with the best of their abilities finely honed and polished.

“[Lieutenant Attale and Corporal Amarasena] have done very well,” said Colour Sergeant Paul Money, one of the instructors.

We commend these two on their achievements that will inspire Sri Lankan girls across the country and wish them the very best in their careers.
Images courtesy of Daily Mirror