News We Finally Have Some Sex-Ed!

We Finally Have Some Sex-Ed!

2017 Jun 22

We’ve heard on numerous occasions how Sri Lankans, especially the youth, aren’t provided with adequate sexual education. This is primary reason why so many young people end up being parents way before they are actually ready for it. According to the National Youth Health Survey 2012-13, over 50% of Sri Lankan youth are unaware about sexual and reproductive health issues.

However, with the launch of Road To Adulthood (RTA) things are about to change! RTA is a self-learning online tool that prepares youth in the transition from adolescence to adulthood – a time when sexuality and relationships are challenging. grants access to the online version of the interactive e-course which was developed by the University Grants Commission in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Initially created for the education of University students, anyone over the age of 18 can now access this website. You will have to sign up to gain access to the site, but once that’s over, the first thing you see is quick run through on how to use RTA.

The course consists of 6 modules;

1) Sexuality and Gender

2) Reproductive system

3) Contraception

4) STIs

5) HIV and AIDS

6) Drug abuse

The website states that each lesson takes up to 30-60 minutes, and once you’re done with the module, you can opt to take a quiz. Moreover, you can obtain a Road to Adulthood e-certificate by scoring 80% or more on each module quiz, as well as more than 80% on the final test.

At long last, we are a given a chance to attain some level of sex-ed. Albeit this doesn’t really help the people who don’t have access to the internet, or even a computer, it is still a start.

Take some time to educate yourself on this matter of utmost importance. It’ll be worth it and you won’t regret it!



  1. Great to see people like you supporting this initiative. This education helps to empower young people indeed


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