News Young Sri Lankan Musician Eshan Denipitiya grabs attention of Queen Guitarist Brian...

Young Sri Lankan Musician Eshan Denipitiya grabs attention of Queen Guitarist Brian May

2018 Nov 28

Hailing from Sri Lanka, 23 year-old Eshan Denipitiya has caught the attention of Brian May, guitarist of the internationally acclaimed and popular band, Queen!

Currently based in Singapore, Eshan Denipitiya posted a classical piano medley of Queens songs, a segment of which was reposted on Brian May’s very own Instagram page!

His caption said, “Beautiful interpretation! How wonderful that Freddie’s Magnum Opus is still inspiring artists all around the planet. @eshan_denipitiya – the link is on HIS Bio, not mine, of course. Brilliant stuff. Bri

The Instagram post currently has 190,000+ views, 700+ comments, and counting!

Titled ‘Rhapsody of Queen’, check out Eshan’s tribute to Queen below, which includes three hits: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, and We Will Rock You.

Speaking with a Singapore publication, Eshan says “Queen has been one of my biggest musical inspirations. I’ve grown up listening to their tunes. The way they break down all barriers in music, crossing genres to create something that is so unique is one of the main reasons I love them.”

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Eshan’s talent has been recognized by talented international musicians. In September, he was invited up on stage with The Piano Guys for an impromptu jam.

Graduating top of his class at Lasalle College of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Denipitiya is now a piano teacher at Aureus Academy, intending to further develop his music career. It’s undeniably clear that Eshan Denipitiya’s talent and hard work will take him to great heights, putting Sri Lanka on the map once more in the international music industry!


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