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Dress your home UP

2015 Oct 21

by Shamila Naleer

Coming home after a long day, we want to walk into an environment that relieves all that stress and tension or we merely yearn for the feel of simply being home. Getting that perfect atmosphere is the trick. For those of you who need to dress your home up a little, here are a few tips.

1. Color your walls

Go with a color that makes you feel comfortable. It could be your favorite color or any light color or even simple plain white, which I might add, would make your homes look so much bigger than they seem. If your room is painted white, you could add a splash of color by having colored curtains and bed spreads or even have colorful furniture.

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2. Fairy lights

Instead of using the same old usual overhead lighting, why not be creative and make use of those fairy lights. They give a serene soothing glow and could quite probably calm your nerves after a long stressful day. For those of you who love stars, well here’s an opportunity to bring the stars to you.

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3. Photographs

aving your most cherished memories on your wall could also be a great way to dress up your homes. Polaroid photographs bring out a rustic vintage effect and would also look incredible on your wall. You could have an entire wall saved for those special mementos or merely arrange them in different shapes or put them up randomly.

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4. Favorites will always be favored

We all have that favorite quote, or favorite band or favorite work of art. Have your favorites on display and definitely bring out your personality through the walls of your room. Have that inspirational saying on your wall or put up that amazing drawing that you cannot get out of your head.

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5. Audacities

Be bold and display something completely out of the ordinary. Decorate and design in a way no one would think of and possess that element of pride knowing you own something unique. Moreover, it makes you look and feel good.

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6. Recreate your fantasies

This would most definitely win you children-points. Recreate your kid’s (or even your own) favorite movies or dreams and make your room a bona fide dreamland. Bring to life what you think paradise would look like. It could be a luscious tropical landscape which could be brought out through painting your walls in tropical shades and possibly even sceneries. What more to lighten your mood than your favorite fantasy?

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7. Bring the outdoors in

Being surrounded by nature encourages friendlier connections with others. For a more peaceful home, bring in a couple of houseplants or hang a mirror across from your largest window to maximize outdoor vantage points. If your view includes more buildings than trees, hang landscape photographs on the walls.

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8. Comfort is always #1

You could either be comfortable having your room and your home neat, tidy and organized or having it a mess which only you know and understand because let’s face it, sometimes leaving your room a mess could be the most content thing since only you know where your things are which means those pesky siblings would be unable to take your things. Either way, the surrounding you find comfortable is your top priority.

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