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A world of Colour

2015 Nov 23

by Anuki Premachandra

Personalize your world. By combining beautiful colours and the finest finishes, the possibilities of transforming your living spaces with decorating solutions are endless.

A few days ago, AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading global paints and coatings Company and the maker of Dulux Paints launched Dulux Ambiance, a premium range of interior top coats and special effects. No more will you need to waste money on wallpapers that will eventually chip off, tear away or show signs of unevenness. Dulux Ambiance was created by colour experts and designers, based on an advanced paint formulation that offers wall decoration solutions, allowing proud home owners to turn inspiration into personalized reality.

The Dulux Ambiance range not only provides you with the colours and special effects to turn your abodes into a visual statement, but is specially formulated to provide super functionality and keeps your home in step with the latest interior trends. Dulux Ambiance Top Coat contains the cutting edge coating technologies and with its new alluring colour palette, walls coated with Dulux Ambiance will be resistant to stains, easily washable, and colours remain vibrant for a longer period of time.

As home owners, we like to personalize our style to our home grown instincts. Make your abode your personalized, beautiful space. May it be marble, velvet, metallic or linen; try out the Dulux Ambiance range of surprises today!