KindleLeaf Time Between Us – Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Between Us – Tamara Ireland Stone

2018 Sep 21

Chicago, 1995: Anna is sixteen, and fiercely determined to travel the world.

San Francisco, 2012: Bennett is seventeen… and desperately trying to stay in one place.

They were never supposed to meet. Their paths were never supposed to cross. But Bennett has the incredible ability to travel through time and space, and suddenly finds himself in Anna’s world.

They are inescapably drawn to one another – but deep down, they both know it can never last. For Bennett’s amazing gift is also an unpredictable curse, which constantly threatens to separate him from Anna – with no more than a second’s notice.

A tale of a teenage romance and time travel, Time Between Us is on of Stone’s better known works, and is a great book to curl up with when you’re in the mood to read a cute love story. With a handful of cliché moments here and there, the story manages to captivate, urging the reader to anticipate what’s next.

Stone also did a wonderful job on keeping the story neat and tidy; it doesn’t shift away from the two main characters, nor does it get sidetracked in any way.

However, it doesn’t really come close to the likes of your average Nicholas Sparks book in terms of writing and romance; you probably won’t ended up being extremely invested in Bennet and Anna, unlike most of the couples in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Rating: 3/5