KindleLeaf The Road from Elephant Pass – Nihal de Silva

The Road from Elephant Pass – Nihal de Silva

2017 Apr 7

An Army Officer’s routine assignment to pick up a woman informant near Jaffna turns into a nightmare when the LTTE launches a massive attack on the peninsula and the camp at Elephant Pass. Then the two adversaries are forced to escape together through the rebel held Wanni and later, cross the abandoned Wilpattu National Park on foot. The constant external dangers and their enforced dependence on each other, gradually erodes their enmity and distrust. But a shocking revelation confronts Wasantha when he finally reaches Colombo. He is now compelled to choose between his friend and his country.

A prime example of a page turner, The Road from Elephant Pass takes its readers on a journey, crossing the battlefronts of Jaffna, all the way to Colombo. Nihal de Silva’s descriptive prowess leaves little to the imagination as Wasantha and Kamala embark on their possibly fatal excursion. He displays an admirable ability to manoeuvre through extremely sensitive elements relating to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, with care and insight. Another aspect that is handled exceptionally well is the relationship between the two protagonists, and its gradual and realistic development.

The author masterfully paints images so vivid that even those uninformed of the details of our war, can comprehensibly follow the narrative with ease. The poignant ending while tragic, is a fitting conclusion to this compelling tale and stays true to the events leading up to it. The praise for this thrilling novel is highly warranted and you will find yourself engrossed in this book until the very end.

Rating: 4.3/5