Hotel Reviews The Colombo Courtyard

The Colombo Courtyard

2017 Aug 3

The courtyard boasts of being one of Colombo’s topmost carbon-neutral hotels, revolving around their motto of environmental sustainability, a theme we saw reflected in almost all the endeavors that shaped the boutique hotel to be as likeable as it was for us. Located on Alfred House Avenue, the hotel can be considered rather convenient, functioning in the heart of the city with easy access to the center of Colombo.

The rooming details are not difficult to understand. Essentially, under the Suite Category, the Courtyard offers a Double Room only option for $150 and a Double Room with Breakfast option for $181. We opted for the latter and were not disappointed in terms of ambience and comfort, however $31 can quite possibly be considered too large a difference for just breakfast, although that was delicious too.

The room came with a comfortable four poster bed, a balcony with hammock-like seats, a TV and get this; a Mac computer?? Sorry about the excessive question marks but that was too personify my very sincere confusion.

Breakfast was served in the Scarlet Room, a literal manifestation of the name, with options ranging from Continental, Indian, Sri-Lankan and English Platters. We opted for the English Platter which came with a fruit platter, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. Everything was fresh and well-seasoned, however the bacon might have been a little too well-cooked.

Between breakfast and lunch, the Courtyard had a range of activities available for us to indulge in. Whilst Meliza took a tip in the ice-cold water, I decided to get a foot massage. Unfortunately Meliza enjoyed her swim more than I enjoyed my massage because it lasted only a mere 7 minutes or so! Admittedly, this left us a little confused as the brief detailed the ‘Foot Massage’ in the ‘Quick and Easy’ section to be a minimum of 40 minutes long. Albeit, I was in foot heaven for those seven minutes, (sighs).  The Jacuzzi experience also had its own ups and downs, for we felt it was located in quite a public section so for anybody uncomfortable with everyone witnessing or hearing how relaxing it’s really making you feel, it wouldn’t be the best experience. But since the hotel was not crowded that day, the experience went smoothly and was relaxing so a thumbs up for that!

Detailed reviews on our lunch and dinner experience will be available but to summarise, the Courtyard is capable of serving some solid, high-quality food for very reasonable prices considering the standard of ingredients they evidently use.

It’s a customer-friendly, boutique hotel that did not disappoint us. We walked away from the Courtyard having discovered high-quality food well worth its price, excellent service and amicability from the PR and Marketing Executive, five-star comfort levels and a satisfactory day-trip all and all.