Health & Beauty Where to Get Waxed in Colombo

Where to Get Waxed in Colombo

2019 Jul 6

Here’s where we go to de-fuzz, the list is now yours…

No one looks forward to getting a wax, but there are places to go that make the process less of an ordeal. Whether you’re looking for somewhere that caters for sensitive skin or searching for a more indulgent experience, this is our guide of the best waxing destinations in Colombo.


  • The Wax Museum

These aestheticians DEFINITELY know their stuff! Fast, easy and pain-free, The Wax Museum could be called the fairy godmother of waxers; especially due to their very wide range of services. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of checking prices on arrival like me, they have their price list up on their website. This place is a bit on the pricier side but definitely worth the price tag (men’s prices are higher in comparison).

Address: No 30 Independence Avenue 7, Colombo

Contact number: 0112 675 170

Price range: Rs 600 to Rs 9900

Types of Wax: Classic sugar wax, Variety of wax flavours available 

Do they provide services for men:  Yes


  • Voskom Colombo

I personally get my waxing done here and I didn’t know what to be blown away by – the insanely affordable prices, the lack of pain OR the aestheticians attention to detail. The founder of Voskom, Ms Varuni, will personally attend to you because she believes in her constant expertise making it the best experience for all her clients. Her Brazilian wax only takes 15 minutes and, add on a leg wax and that’s 30 minutes tops.  She’s fast and a pleasure to work with, you feel right at home! Great hygiene, no reusable wax strips and maintains a strict no double-dipping policy for sensitive areas.

Address: 96/7 kottenuwaththa lane, Old Kesbewa Rd, Nugegoda

Contact number: 077 027 5478

Price range:  Rs 1300 – Rs 9900

Types of wax available – Full arms, full legs, full body, full body, beach body (normal wax, luxury wax with almond/strawberry, argon/white choc)

Do they provide services for men – No


  • Honey Pot

Honey Pot is one place that has made hair removal look chic and fun, their interior has sleek wallpaper and fun lounge music pours through the speakers keeping you company before the nerve-racking first-time first time Brazilian waxers can definitely stop quaking and relax because to be really honest the music helps). They have a variety of wax options so you’ll be sure to walk out of here looking incredibly sleek and if you’re anything like me – tell your best friend to feel your now super smooth legs every 10 minutes ( because why not?). 

Address: 14a Park Rd, Colombo 00500 , 10 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 00700

Contact number: 0114 693 313, 0117 446 731

Price range: Rs 500 – Rs 4000

Types of wax: Neckline, half arms, full arms, beach body etc.  (Normal wax, sugar-based wax, lipo-soluble wax)

Do they provide services for men – No 


  • BeWAXed 

BeWAXed does exactly what it says they do –take it all off. This is unbeatably another favourite of ours next to Honey Pot because they easily have the biggest selection of waxes in Sri Lanka. From your easy-peasy overgrown eyebrows to your (NEED TO COME OFF RIGHT NOW) butt tendrils, they’ve got you covered. The ambience is maintained with their pink and white chromatic code and hygiene is maintained really well. Service is great and all aestheticians are experienced, swift and effective. And most importantly, they service both men and women! JACKPOT am I right? 

Address: Kirimandala Mawatha, 11222

Contact number: 077 790 9978

Price range: Rs 250 to Rs 9600

Types of wax: Indian sugar wax, Lycon wax, Bio soft wax, Rica wax, vanilla, rose, chocolate wax, aloe- Vera, gold wax etc.

Do they provide services for men -Yes 


  • U Wax

Founder, Dinupa Jayasooriya, Who is an Artist and also the Managing Director of “The Nail Club”, found that they were constantly coming up short in their search for the perfect combination of high quality, quick service and affordable pricing. Failing to find the happy medium they were looking for, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The solution – U-WAX! A salon dedicated entirely to waxing services for women. As self-proclaimed wax fanatics, she knew what she had to do: deliver a great wax, at a great price, and fast! To add more good news, this place has 20 % off for first time clients which is a total steal if you ask me. 

Address: 1/1, 127 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 00700

Contact number: 0117 377 900

Price range: Rs 500 upwards 

Types of Wax: Full arms, full legs, underarms, Brazilian (Honey wax, Luxury wax with banana/apple/pear flavours, oil base wax with strawberry/ orange flavours).

Do they provide services for men: No


  • Waxed Colombo 

I’m sure all of us ladies have had a go at razors and experienced those nasty ingrown hairs. Besides their gifted wax therapists giving you those Naomi Campbell looking legs you’ve always envisioned yourself in, Waxed Colombo tends to spend special attention to ingrown hairs and let you know how to prevent them and maintain a good wax throughout. The price tag is hefty though as they do clients mainly on packages but rest assured, you’ll be in safe hands.

Address: 15/ 2C, 10th Lane, Colombo 03 00003

Contact number: 0117 445 212

Price range: Rs 7000 – Rs 10000

Types of wax: no sugar wax or honey wax, mixed fruit wax, luxury waxes

Do they provide services for men: No


  • Buffer Bloc

One of the friendliest and homeliest places you can opt to go for a wax. They are also specialists in nail care and they’ve got a summer offer going right now and it’s a steal I tell you! (Rs 6000 for a full body wax and manicure). They only use the extensive brand CARONLAB from Australia for the smoothest results and currently do full body waxes (full arms, legs, underarms, bikini area only)

Address: No. 9, Old Quarry Road, Mount Lavinia.

Contact number: 077 381 1550

Price range: Rs 600 to Rs 5000

Types of wax: Strawberry/ olive oil/shimmer

Do they provide services for men – Yes


Now go show off your soft and silky smooth skin, and thank us later when you get all those compliments. You’re welcome!