Health & Beauty Master of the Manicure – Nails by Lucky Susil

Master of the Manicure – Nails by Lucky Susil

2019 Aug 30

I had the privilege of getting a manicure done by Susil, one of the top nail artists in the game. Susil is evidenced by a continuum of creativity – turning the page with unexpected colour combinations, classy minimal designs, nursing fresh talent to breathe new life into negative spaced manis and is also by bringing nail jewelry to a plain polished one.



Susil the nail maestro carrying 19 years of international experience on his shoulders (whoops, I meant hands!), started off his journey by doing various makeup looks, however realized later that his passion was doing nails.  After this realization he wasted no time in collecting the necessary tools and experience to begin his thrilling journey  –  Milan Hairworld Competition  in 2012 and a Hairworld competition   in Frankfurt Germany in the year 2014 are a few titles to mention, and this year Susil will be traveling to London to coach his international students. Susil’s future plans are to focus more on academy work as he has already taken steps to share his knowledge and passion to students worldwide, not forgetting his already established  academy here in Sri Lanka.



Susils’s first job was at the TransAsia Hotel which today, is the Cinnamon Lakeside, where he worked as a Nail Technician for 7 years, before moving on to work for Gerald Solomon at Chagall, for close to ten years. Susil works on some famous hands, one of them even being our very own Bollywood siren, Jacqueline Fernandez who is a client. He is a celebrity nail technician and regularly has a famous face that pops in now and then for a nail do. He claims that he is happy to share his passion and thoroughly enjoys meeting new faces as many have become lifelong friends. 



Later, he ventured on his own and thus Nails by Lucky Susil was born and is a newly launched nail spa in Ward Place in one of the largest salon chains, Toni & Guy.  The services offered include manicures and pedicures of all designs, gel nails, acrylic nails, dipping powder, nail art, foot massages etc. Anything to do with your nails, head to Susil!



Heading into the nail spa, the ambience is very friendly and Susil was at the door to greet me with a warm smile. There is soothing music playing in the background and I was welcomed with a hot cappuccino while I got my nails done to Susil’s friendly conversation. Susil recommended that I do a French manicure with dipping powder and it was definitely exciting as it was my first experience.



Firstly, my hands were washed clean and my nails were buffed accordingly. The process lasted around 30 – 40 minutes and I’ve never had so much love and attention given to them! Susil is a perfectionist and will not stop until he sees the smile on your face. Finally, my hands were thoroughly moisturized, massaged and conditioned with cuticle oil.



Aftercare is very important and I was advised to include a top coat to my nails every other day to ensure its glow. I was advised to remove my manicure at least after 3 weeks and give a week’s break in the meantime before another coat of paint, this ensure the maximum safety of the nail to avoid breakage and discoloration.





All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering experience and I do feel great confidence radiating just because of my beautifully kept nails! Susil ensured that I felt so. Highly recommending this place if your talons need a sexy revamp or if you’re just heading to spend time with your girls! Nails by Lucky Susil is open every day, from 9.00am to 8.00pm and is located at Tony & Guy Salon, 80A, Ward Place, Colombo 07.