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Hot Weather and You!

2016 Mar 11

Beauty by Rosh

It is almost approaching that time of year where it is so hot in Sri Lanka that you can hardly go out during the day. I think we’ve reached that time already with the heat rising and global warming. And of course this means our beauty routines and makeup suffer, but not to worry your pretty little faces off – I’ve got you covered with a few hacks and some ideas to keep yourself beautiful and comfortable in this hot weather.


  1. Try to opt for a BB water or a BB cream instead of foundation. This will feel much less heavy on your skin and give you some level of comfort unlike a thick foundation.
  1. Try a translucent powder to set the makeup. This is anyway recommended, so that your makeup will not shift or run off. But of course in this heat it will help you immensely not to look like a hot mess. It’s never a pretty sight to see when one’s makeup is all creased up or patchy or melting off in front of you. Try to use a translucent powder instead of a foundation powder or a powder with colour.

Some of my favourites are:

  • Laura Mercier setting powder
  • Bare Minerals translucent powder
  1. Go low with the cream contouring and highlighting. I’m a big fan of contouring and I’m all for it. And I’m a believer of changing your face shape with contouring if that makes you happy, cause it doesn’t hurt anyone and its completely up to you. During the day though if it’s super-hot I’d opt for a powder contour over a cream, cause it’s not as heavy on the face. This is just so you’re more comfortable with the heat and all.


Most Sri Lankan girls have started dressing in one way and only that way lately, at least I feel so.  This has been popular for a while actually but I never understood why. JEANS!!!! In a hot country!!! It’s so uncomfortable and impractical, but that’s just me I guess. I completely understand why sometimes some girls feel like they have to, when they are going in the bus or walking the streets of Colombo. But what happened to a good cotton dress?? Even a long one! I feel its way more comfortable in the tropics than the super thick jeans. I mean girls use to wear as they say in Sinhalese “cheeththa gawuma”, I think that’s way more practical and a bit more comfy than wearing jeans which is like fall-wear (autumn) in most other countries. Well I know this may sound controversial for me to say and I don’t mean to be. I feel it’s something to think about and this is for you. For you to feel comfortable cause seriously it’s SO HOT out there!

Here are some of my favourite outfits in the summer, which is all the time in Sri Lanka

  1. Shorts and tank

shorts copy

Ok so this is obvious, but yet seems so rare in Sri Lanka. Girls it’s hot outside and I know most of you are worried about getting harassed on the road or even “what people will think”. Forget the boys! Women empowerment! And empowerment may mean different things to different people but I feel it always mean you should have the freedom to do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hinder someone else’s best interest.  Don’t let anyone dictate how you dress and how you see yourself, not even me. These are just my suggestions and opinions to help you cope with the heat. Well getting back to the shorts! You can wear any length shorts – doesn’t always mean butt shorts or cut offs, anything that you’re comfortable in. and if all of us wore it then it’s not going to be a big deal on. It’s just an ordeal here because it’s so rare like seeing pink elephant.

  1. Cotton dress

dresses copy

One of my absolute favourite things in my closet and my other go to look when it’s hot out. I always grab one during the day cause I feel this has the most air flow. LOL! But in all seriousness any length and any style a cotton dress can help you deal with the heat and can be a nice fun stylish option.


  1. Always try to carry some blotting paper if you wear makeup during the day or at least a tissue pack.
  2. If you have a setting spray or a mist take it with you in your hand bag to spray if you get oily or to last your makeup longer.
  3. Avoid clothing that is long sleeved, thick or silky because this will make you feel hotter.
  4. Always use a sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF when going in the sun.
  5. Try to stay away from consuming too much hot coffee on the go on a hot day as this will also make you feel hotter.
  6. Try to wear cotton underwear and bras, avoid too much silky lace stuff that will make it more uncomfortable for you.
  7. Try and always wear deodorant or any other preferred body mist before you leave the house in this hot weather.
  8. Have a shower regularly if and when time permits. It’s a luxury in this hot weather, so even 4-5 showers a day would be so welcome.
  9. Try wearing sleeveless tops. I feel it does help even a little bit. And of course cotton all the way if possible.
  10. Tie your hair up in cute head bands. It’s super easy and fun. Also keeps you cool and keeps you from having super frizzy hair in this humidity. Oh and put on a leave in serum if you can to keep it from becoming a tangled up frizz ball.

Lastly, It’s okay to go out without makeup and all dressed up sometimes. Yes!!! And I’m saying this. I know most of you think I must always wear makeup, even to grocery shop but I don’t. I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t mind going out to run errands or even just to hang out with my husband on a weekday without any makeup. Just cause it is SO HOT out there! Unbearable even sometimes and you don’t need makeup to step into your supermarket.  So yes in these super-hot months you may see me grabbing my groceries with my hair ties back in a bun and absolutely nothing on my face! Come say HI J

Hope this article helped and also got you thinking. And hopefully this hot season will be bearable with some of my ideas. I hope you guys try them and love them. Until next time, see you and stay cool!

Lots of love <3

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