Health & Beauty Have We Blacklisted The Black?

Have We Blacklisted The Black?

2017 Sep 8

Sri Lankan girls loves to play with their hair color – blonde, brown, red – anything goes but black! How come our girls are the last to claim that they love their natural black hair? Why do our bold black locks always get pushed to the backseat when we want to make a statement? Some say that they make the switch because basic black is boring. And others say rocking trendy hairstyles is impossible because black hides the details and dulls out the oomph in every style.

But here’s a secret girls – the key to perfect black hair lies in the maintenance. With the right nourishment to bring out the shine, black hair can become your best accessory any day, any time. 

Like every girl has a little black dress in her wardrobe, she also has a stunning red dress. You can make a bold and classy statement by pairing your beautiful red dress and letting your black hair down, turning eyes from all directions.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

So while bright, eccentric colours may help you make one heck of a statement, don’t blacklist the black because you think it is basic. After all, simplicity is elegant!


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