Health & Beauty Hair removal? Your questions answered.

Hair removal? Your questions answered.

2015 Sep 28

Miley Cyrus has officially tossed out her razor and embraced armpit hair… hair removal isn’t really an issue for her. But the rest of you, if you aren’t quite at that level, and still like the look and feel of smooth skin, keep reading.

1. Upper Lip

What’s Good

• Threading or tweezing: These methods of hair removal pulls out your hair from the root, which leaves your skin intact and the area hair-free for longer. But the downside? Both the processes are painful and it takes long to remove every hair off.

What’s Better

• Shaving: A dermatologist, Gervaise Gerster, who specializes in laser hair removal swears by shaving her face. Most of us think that shaving isn’t the ideal option because your hair grows back faster, but its also a key technique for exfoliation.

To properly shave your face, Dr. Gerstner recommends using a regular, high-quality razor, apply some gentle cleanser instead of shaving cream, and then pull your upper lip tight over your teeth to avoid nicks. And no, the hair does not grow back in thicker. That’s a complete myth, she says.

What’s Best

• Cold hard wax: Hard wax applied to your lips is far more safer than cold wax, says Taylor, a hair removal specialist at Spruce & Bond in NYC. “You might not get all the fine hairs, but you also won’t risk tearing your skin as remove the hair,” she says

Some tips: Never wax any area that has a sunburn or compromised skin. Prep the skin with baby powder so the wax sticks. Pull the strips off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Don’t pull up — try to pull parallel to avoid pulling skin. Use aloe vera afterward for soothing.


2. For Your Underarms

What’s Good

• Cold hard wax: Waxing your own armpits are a little tricky because of the weird angle, plus all the effort you need to out into it. But, it can be done. Again, cold wax is the better and suggested option.

What’s Better

• Shaving: Yes, it is annoying to have to shave every morning, depending on the pace of your hair growth, but then it doesn’t really take that long, does it? The only downfall with shaving: the shadow that the heads of hair cast as it starts to grow back which makes your armpits look darker.

What’s Best

• At-home laser:  These can be pricey with questionable efficacy  (1) at-home lasers still sting (it feels like a rubber band smacking against your skin, (2) it takes several weeks to start seeing results, so it might be a good project to start in the fall and (3) certain lasers are not safe for use on darker skin.


3. For your legs

What’s Good

• Bleach: Shaving your arms and legs so often can be monotonous. Try bleaching them instead.

What’s Better

• Sugaring: What’s sugaring? It’s a form of waxing comprised of a wax-like paste made typically out of sugar, lemon, and water, but is gentler than commercial wax. Try googling for DIY home-made sugaring paste and techniques.

Some tips: To use it, warm the sugar paste, spread a thin layer over the area you wish to remove hair, apply the fabric strip over the wax, and then swiftly pull the strip away from your skin, removing your hair with it.

What’s Best

• Wax strips: For larger areas like your legs, you can really use any type of wax, but large cold wax strips are easy to use and create less of a mess compared to applying warm wax over your extremities. Baby oil can also help remove stubborn wax particles that stay stuck afterward.

Some tips: To use them, rub the strip between your hands several times, then slowly pull apart the double-sided strip (both sides contain ready-to-use wax). Next, press onto the desired area in the direction of hair growth, rubbing it to adhere it to your skin, and then quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, while holding your skin taut.


These methods will make you look hair-free-fabulous. Try out these techniques and comment below to tell us what you think is best!