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Where To Get Your Yogi On In Colombo

2017 Jun 21

Before the start of a stressful day or after braving the daily turmoil, yoga is an activity that can help you relax and is said to be the emotional integration and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element, which gives you a glimpse of something of beyond all imagination.

Today, we celebrate yoga, and in light of International Yoga Day, here’s a quick round up of yoga spaces around Colombo!

  1. The Om Space

Located in Colombo 05, The Om Space is a small, but breezy haven. They conduct over 15 yoga classes every week, and they also offer Reiki, Reflexology as well as a Singing Bowl Massage. The space is equipped with changing rooms, showers and lockers.

Stay updated by checking their Facebook page here!


  1. Prana Lounge

In the same cozy building as Café Kumbuk, Prana Lounge is one of the popular platforms in Colombo for yoga and fitness. They conduct yoga and meditation classes, health related therapies, seminars and workshops. Additionally, Café Kumbuk is right there if you’re ever craving delicious healthy food!

Check out their Facebook page to find out when they have their engaging classes and other events!


  1. Astanka Yoga Mandir (AYM)

AYM is platform for yogic knowledge in Bambalapitya, in the proximity of St. Peter’s College. The center works closely with Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusanantha Samsathana, Bangalore, which is a world class university for yoga, to conduct programmes here in Lanka.

Astanka Yoga translates into 8 paths to gaining wisdom to improve the quality of life and spiritual knowledge.

They even conduct special lectures, workshops and outbound retreats.

Stay tuned for their latest events here!


  1. Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga

Established in 2009, the institute is one a leading yoga school in Sri Lanka. They offer a series of workshops, pilgrimages and yoga retreats.

You can check out their Facebook page for more details!

  1. Nanda Sri Hatha Yoga Institute

The institute has 3 centres located in Nugegoda, Thimbirigasyaya and Bauddhaloka Mawatha.

On their website, they explain in detail about Hatha Yoga, which belongs to an ancient cultural heritage in India. It promotes good health, contributes to longevity and the intrinsic discipline contributes to inner peace and happiness.  

Here’s what their schedules look like:

Head on over to their site for more details!


  1. Body Bar

Body Bar is a well known gym down Jawatte Road, and offers various facilities and classes for dancing, zumba, martial arts. etc. This also includes the popular yoga classes they conduct.

As of now, here’s what their schedule looks like;

Sunday : 10.00am Yoga Hatha Flow with Madhuri
Monday: 5.00pm Foundation & Back Care with Madhuri
Tuesday : 10.30am Hatha Flow with Madhuri & 4.30pm Classical Yoga with Angelica
Thursday : 9.00am Yoga Foundation with Madhuri
Friday: 10.15am Vinyasa Flow with Hope
Saturday : 9.00am Classical yoga with Angelica

You can stay up to date by checking out their Facebook page!


So take your pick and get bring out the yogi in you!

Let us know if we’ve missed out anywhere!


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