Health & Beauty How to Get into Shape with Fadna Tummy Tea

How to Get into Shape with Fadna Tummy Tea

2018 Jan 29

Would you believe the fact that many things in your life can be easily changed? Although it may come to you as a surprise, this simply is the truth!

Getting rid of your belly bulge is important for more than just vanity’s sake. Excess abdominal fat — particularly visceral fat is more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes felt tight. It even changes your body posture and the way you walk or sit. You have to undergo a number of nightmares, as a result. You will experience in bloating or fullness, frequent stomach growls, change in your bowel habits and this may sometimes result in high blood pressure.

You might have tried out a number of ways to get rid of your belly bulge. However, you should also understand that it is impossible to get rid this belly bulge overnight. But if you follow these instructions, you can certainly make a huge difference!

What if we tell you that mental as well as the physical stress you undergo can be relieved from a cup of tea? Rather than an ordinary cup of tea, this particular tea is made using an exclusive ancient traditional Ayurveda formula consisting of Thripala and other ingredients, documented in the Sanhitha texts written over 3000 years ago.

A cup of Fadna Tummy Tea is easy to make! Fadna Tummy tea helps to lessen your tummy fat in three ways. Firstly, the Synergistic effect of this formula leads to proper digestion and absorption of food which in turn reduces abdominal distension and bulging of the stomach. This product’s gentle bowel tonic action will give you a confident and relaxed day.
You will start experiencing a reduction in the bulging of your stomach after a few days of usage. However, it is advised to continue drinking the tea periodically without long breaks. Secondly, Fadna reduces fat absorption in high fatty meals. Thirdly, it will gently melt the fat layer accumulated inside your tummy and ensure optimal results.

Fadna Tummy Tea is recommended to be taken twice during the day on an empty stomach in the morning, and once before bed in the night.

Rather than torturing yourself with heavy exercises, start drinking Tummy Tea with a light regular workout plan and control your consumption of sugary and fatty foods. You will be surprised with the results!

Tummy Tea is certified by the department of Ayurveda Ministry of indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka and confirms that this herbal tea can be consumed without a prescription and is suitable for general use.

Fadna tummy tea can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets island-wide. Online orders can also be made by logging into

Call 071 138 3520 for your inquires on Fadna Tummy tea!


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