Health & Beauty Does your face age faster than your real age?

Does your face age faster than your real age?

2017 Dec 8

Aging is inevitable. Our facial features tend to change as we age. One can not simply look like a radiant 25-year-old forever. As you begin to see wrinkles appear under your eye, pigmentation and sagging deforming your skin, you will suddenly realise that your body is losing its youthfulness. But at 35, what you fail to notice is that you had ruined your skin in your 20s. Of course, aging is a natural process, which we all go through. But we all can make an effort to look beautiful. But in order to avoid premature aging, there are some sacrifices you need to make.

1.Overexposure to the sunlight

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Overexposure to the sunlight is one of the principal causes of premature aging. This explains why labourers who work in the outdoors seem to look older than they are. Sun exposure is 70% responsible for the visible aging of your skin. Even though early morning sun generates Vitamin D, it’s not necessary that you expose your delicate face to the light after sunrise. Make sure to always sport a wide brimmed hat, carry an umbrella and wear a pair of sunnies when you step out of the house. If you are out under the sun, don’t forget to apply a cream with sun protection. Between 10am-3pm, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be harmful to you, making your skin vulnerable to premature aging.

2. An overabundance of sugar in your diet

If you have a sweet tooth, you maybe aging yourself beyond your years. When your blood sugar content elevates, the glycation process in which sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibres accelerates. This ultimately causes your skin to lose its strength and elasticity. Make changes in your diet by opting for fresh fruits instead of indulging in too much sugary goodness.

3. Not taking care of your skin

It’s essential that you take care of your skin on an everyday basis. Start at a young age, by following a basic skin care routine that will nourish and cleanse your face which will guarantee you a radiant complexion as you age. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Pamper yourself with a healthy skincare treatment to make your skin glow forever.

4. Bad sleeping positions

It might be hard to believe, but the way you sleep determines how you look. Lying face-down on the pillow may cause severe cosmetic problems. Curling on to your side when sleeping can give deeper wrinkles or creases on the side of your face, down on your chin and cheeks. The most recommended sleeping position is lying on your back with your head elevated on a soft satin pillow.

5. A low-protein diet

Protein is full of amino acids that help construct new tissues and collagen in your body – a substance that thickens your skin and leaves it looking clearer. Following a high-protein diet which contains milk, eggs, fish, lean meat and healthy grains, fortifies your collagen levels and therefore making your skin elastic and less prone to wrinkles. Increase your daily protein intake with power food for a wrinkle-free, flawless complexion.

6. Mental Stress

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Stress is a primary cause of skin breakouts. When you are mentally stressed, the hormones in your body become more sensitive and reactive. Not only does this disrupt your healthy lifestyle habits but it also aggravates your existing skin issues affecting your outer appearance. Don’t let stress interfere with your daily skincare routine.

7. Lack of sleep

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Your body relaxes during sleep. An adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night to function at his/her best. When you are asleep, your skin works miracles, enabling cellular renewal in your body. In a deep slumber, your body produces a special growth hormone. Sleep deprivation can reduce the efficiency of the regeneration of collagen-producing cells, which are responsible for skin’s elasticity and tightness. In order to avoid premature ageing, you have to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep, devoid of any digital distractions. If you are suffering from insomnia, put your laptop, phone, and the tab into sleep before you crash onto your bed.

8) Frequent contraction of facial muscles

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Wrinkles are caused by contraction of muscles that are attached to the overlying skin. When you talk using repetitive facial muscle movements, a groove forms on your skin forming lines between the bulkof the muscle. Observe the expression lines of your face in front of a mirror. Rethink your habits and avoid exerting too much force on facial muscle movements that can cause dynamic wrinkles on your face.


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