Health & Beauty Exclusive DIBI Milano Skin Care Centre Opens in Colombo

Exclusive DIBI Milano Skin Care Centre Opens in Colombo

2016 Jun 2

The #01 international Italian skin care brand, DIBI MILANO opened its doors to the elite of Colombo and all discerning men and women who are looking for the best in skin care at 10 Rosmead Place, Colombo 7, which also houses one of Sri Lanka’s preferred salons, Kess.

DIBI Milano is the no 1 Italian skin care brand in the world and the Brand has its own, as well as many franchised Dibi Centres  around the world offering advanced skin care treatments, exclusively using the complete range of Dibi products.

Alfaparf Group Italy, the company which owns many prestigious brands including Dibi Milano, was ranked 93rd last month among the top beauty brands in the world by WWD Beauty Inc United States. Interestingly, this is the only skin care brand out of the chosen 100 brands that is available in Sri Lanka at the moment

The DIBI Milano Centre was declared open by Rosy Senanayaka, the Prime Minister’s Deputy Chief of Staff, and Ramani Fernando, beautician and hair dresser par excellence, amidst a gathering of film stars, singers and professional women.

Speaking at the launch, Chairman and Managing Director of the DIBI Milano Centre Sri Lanka, Mr Shyam Singh said that at the DIBI Milano Centre, professional and Hi-Tech skin care services, coupled with the exclusivity and professionalism of the DIBI MILANO brand will become a reality.

“Each line is designed for single treatments and complete personalized programmes to meet every type of esthetic flaw. DIBI has the most advanced equipment for beauty, born from constant innovation in the aesthetics sector, and their products and services are uniquely designed to offer effective and guaranteed results right from the very first treatment with long lasting effects. Both myself and Wasantha of Kess , collaborated in inviting Dibi Milano to Sri Lanka and in fact as I speak,  Wasantha is in Italy at a meeting with Dibi Milano”.

Both Rosy and Ramani, who are Sri Lankan beauty icons, welcomed the opening of the DIBI Milano Centre, as with Sri Lankan women becoming increasingly conscious of their appearance and total look, such Centres are now  essential for one’s overall well being.

The Dibi Centre will offer advanced skin care treatments such as face lifting, anti- aging, wrinkle & fine lines, stretch marks reduction, acne & sebum balancing, pigmentation & age spot, eye contour  treatments, skin hydration, skin purification  and whitening & radiance treatment. The DIBI center will also offer other treatments with advanced technology such as Oxy Infusion treatment, Instant skin lifting with HIFU and Crystal & Diamond Microdermabrasion.

A demonstration of two very special treatments also took place at the opening, namely Oxy Megastation , an Italian masterpiece from a Medically Certified company , a state of the art cutting edge oxy device which is very unique, very different and more advanced than any other device in the world, and HIFU –  A very unique and highly advanced technology which takes anti-aging and face lifting to another level .

The opening concluded with the announcement of the launch of the DIBI Milano – SKIN Loyalty Card. “We are delighted to present all our guests today with our Loyalty Card. The card will allow you to receive special discounts on services and will further allow you to receive redeemable reward points on services and products. That’s not all, our loyalty program is partnered with some of the most reputed brands & outlets in Sri Lanka , where on production of this card, you will be entitled to certain discounts and benefits”, said Mr Singh.

The partnering outlets are Il Gelato, L’atlelier touché, Café FrancAIs, Svelte & and Flow health bar with more expected to join.

DIBI facial treatment lines –

  • Base Perfection & Face Perfection – A line product to maintain the best conditions for the skin from devitalized cells, skin impurities and pollution, staving off aging.
  • Lift Creator – Treats cutaneous elasticity in the presence of wrinkles and firms skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin, repositioning the volumes of the face for a long lasting lifted effect.
  • Fill Perfection – Treats primary cause of aging caused by facial gestures. Fills, minimizes wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Pure Equalizer – Treats combination, oily, impure and acne proned skin. Regulates sebum production and restores the purity of skin.
  • White Science – A treatment to de-pigment spots and to regulate the production of melanin. Brightens and even outs the complexion.
  • Age Perfection – Treats mature skin with discoloration and signs of aging. A direct action on collagen and on cutaneous discoloration to bring back youthful and luminous skin.
  • Calm Perfection – A targeted line that helps the skin increase its natural defenses while soothing, hydrating and nourishing the epidermis.
  • Hydra Perfection – Treats dry and dulled skin. It is aimed at bringing back the correct level of hydration.

DIBI Hi-tech device treatments –

  • OXY Megastation – An Italian masterpiece that comes from the only medically certified company. A cutting edge OXY device which is very unique, different and highly advanced, superior to any other devices of its kind in the world .

The uniqueness about this device is –

  1. Derma roller micro needling is done in combination with infusing oxygen into the skin at the same time.
  2. Included in the treatment is a unique Crystal dermabrasion and vacuum suction connective tissue massage.
  3. Treats stretch marks, scars & acne, wrinkles & fine lines, Anti-aging & face lifting, radiance & whitening and pigmentation & age spot with oxy infusion.
  • HIFU – treatment which is available only at the DIBI Milano Centre delivers intense ultra sound energy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) in order to instantly tighten the sagging skin. While revitalizing aged collagen and elastin, it guarantees instant lifting and improves skin tone.
    1. Instant lifted result right from the first treatment and the result last up to six months. Maximum of only 3 treatments for a youthful 10 years younger look.
  • Magic RF – The energy is focused on delivering results in greater efficiency stimulating the metabolism of the cells.
    1. This involves Vacuum & Radio Frequency. This is an anti-aging treatment that is combined with most anti-aging treatments. Vacuum – helps stimulate skin cells & Radio Frequency – Tightens skin and builds collagen.
  • Skin – A complete non-invasive skin care concept combined with multiple technologies to offer a flawless skin with radiance and youthfulness
    1. Diamond Microdermabrasion Exfoliates dead skin and impurities through a skin polishing technique using diamond tips for a very clear skin right from the first treatment
    2. This unique device comes along with other technologies such as multi -polarity electroporation for effective product transfer, micro current skin stimulation for lifting effect and an electronic magnetic mask for radiance and anti-ageing

If you love your skin, now is the right time to treat it with Italian passion.

The DIBI Milano Skin is located at No 10, Rosemead Place, Colombo 7

We are open all 7 days from 9 am to 8 pm. Contact us on 0112 674 546 / 0112 674 645


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