Health & Beauty Breaking Boundaries with CrossFit Ceylon

Breaking Boundaries with CrossFit Ceylon

2018 Sep 6

Right in the heart of Colombo is where you’ll find the latest addition to Lanka’s fitness community, CrossFit Ceylon. Having got the chance to speak to its co-founder, head coach and reportedly the fittest man in Lanka Andy Andrews, he (and most likely all other committed Crossfitters) agree that this fitness regime is more than just a workout session for aesthetic purposes. This is a way of life that will break the thresholds and limits you’ve set for yourself.
CrossFit was first founded by Greg Glassman in 2000 and has since amassed a committed, tightknit community worldwide. To put it simply, it is a high intensity programme that covers several domains such as strength, speed, endurance etc. These in turn reflect on only the best aspects of various fields such as weightlifting, gymnastics, running, and much more. Its sole trump card lies in its lack of specialization allowing athletes to achieve all rounded fitness with the added bonus of a toned body.

Head coach Andrews gave us a little insight into what prompted the start up of CrossFit Ceylon. It began when his life as a pro golfer introduced him to CrossFit techniques. Many tournaments later, along with an increased global popularity in CrossFit, Andrews’ vacation to Lanka led to the realization that there was a glaring lack of crossfit boxes in the country. A chance encounter at a local gym with unused crossfit equipment led to Andrews becoming the first Lankan coach for crossfit programmes, as well as the gym becoming Lanka’s first affiliate.
However, this was only the inception of the Crossfit community in Lanka. Andrews and his fellow partners (Alexandria Senanayake, Rakhil Hirdaramani and Dimitri Sherrif) opened)the largest, most well-equipped and the first solely dedicated Crossfit gym in Lanka last April. Andrews comments that it’s very common to find people coming to their space purely for aesthetic purposes and to lose weight but once they engage in the programmes they find themselves pushing and getting past unprecedented limits, which leads them to truly appreciate this type of fitness as a lifestyle – a lifestyle so beneficial that it also reduces depression, stress and boosts immunity by healthy living.

In terms of training, the programmes are set to have the same content but in varying levels of intensity. As newcomers are tested and trained to record improvements, they will be able to enter fundamental programmes to build foundational techniques, after which you can get a membership package of lessons with increasing intensity.They also stress on the importance of healthy eating habits to make training sessions effective.
They have plans to send a crew to participate in the official CrossFit Games, a competition that determines the Fittest on Earth.Conducted since 2007, this is a venue that incites global anticipation and are marked by surprise workouts. CrossFit Ceylon has other ambitious plans to change traditional Lankan views on fitness to support the optimal form of fitness that crossfit supports and thus, a healthy lifestyle. Check for more information!


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