Health & Beauty Borderline Genius Hair Hacks You Need to Know

Borderline Genius Hair Hacks You Need to Know

2019 Jul 27

If you’re anything like me you need this. Stat. My morning routine usually begins with waking up early for work, lazing around with my coffee mug petting the doggos and then rushing to the bathroom with 5 minutes to spare – naturally leaving the house with an untamed wild lion’s mane. Not cute! It doesn’t help that Sri Lanka has a high level of humidity on most days; the sweltering heat and the sweat can definitely make short work of your perfectly blow-dried hair. So here’s a list of hair hacks that actually work because I want to save you (and myself) from leaving the house looking like a scene out of “Something about Mary”.


  1. Taming flyaways

Spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over those pesky flyaway strands. It’ll hold your hair in place without turning it into a helmet. Running to a meeting and your baby hairs are a mess because of unruly tuk t-uk rides? Don’t fret sis, grab your chapstick and use it instead of hairspray.


  1. If you have fine, oily hair

DRY SHAMPOO !! The formula helps to absorb excess oil at the roots for fresh, lightweight hair—without residue. Us Sri Lankans don’t appreciate dry shampoo enough! Use the spray at night –the powder will soak in overnight, creating some legitimate I-woke-up-like-this volume. Use cornstarch and DIY it if you’re out of dry shampoo.

Achchi’s solution: Uluhal (Fenugreek seeds) kept overnight in water and blended in the morning, mixed with curd and applied directly on the head. This paste is left on for 45 minutes and washed off. You are left with the silkiest and healthiest hair ever! Thank you Achchi !


  1. Sleep on it

Ever wondered how those Victoria Secret Angels have the perfect romantic curls? A whole posse of hairstylists that’s right! A cheaper and less time consuming way for you to achieve those curls is braiding your hair at night, either in one big braid or numerous tiny braids and leaving them in while you sleep. Undo the braids in the morning, scrunch some texturizing spray through the hair and you will have bouncy waves. Who knew Ammas childhood training will turn into an easy hair-hack as an adult?



  1. Itchy scalp

This can be due to dandruff or just the Sri Lankan heat taking its toll on your scalp. Our grandma’s ritual of oiling your hair with Pol Thel every Sunday actually works! You might need to rinse thoroughly after this, but you won’t complain after having an itch-free scalp and a glorious mane! Apply directly to hair, wear a shower cap and leave for an hour if time permits and then rinse.


  1. Tame frizz without a towel

The right way to dry your hair after a shower to avoid frizz and hair breakage is to use a microfiber towel. For those that don’t own one, simply flip your t-shirt over your hair as you would normally do with your towel and scrunch hair gently upwards especially if you have curly hair!


  1. Trick to getting a fuller ponytail : Use a butterfly clip

You don’t have to look like a schoolgirl in a ponytail anymore – nail that high ponytail just by placing a medium-sized butterfly clip, or peg, underneath your ponytail and over your hair tie in order to instantly get a fuller look.



  1. Use a flat iron to create braid curls

Give your hair that instant loose, wavy definition you crave with braid waves. First, braid small sections of hair throughout your mane. Then, use your flat iron to go over your braids. Allow your hair to cool before undoing your braids and styling your newly wavy strands.


  1. Invest in a Silk pillowcase

It’s time to get fancy—and save your blowout in the process! Because silk pillowcases are super soft and, well, silky, they can help to keep your hairstyle from getting messed up while you sleep. Take note, those of you who toss and turn.


  1. Stock up on bobby pins

It’s never a bad idea to have a few bobby pins on you at all times. That’s because using bobby pins is one way you can help to keep your ponytail from falling flat during the day. After you’ve tied up your ponytail, prop it up with two to three bobby pins. Slide the bobby pins over the hair tie on the bottom part of the ponytail, placing them at a steep, diagonal angle. Doing this can also help make your ponytail look higher and high ponies are totally in!