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Bathe in Beer

2015 Sep 30

Ever thought of washing your hair with beer?

Beer isn’t merely for drinking. You could use it to bathe, make a fertilizer for your grass, to boil sprats and much more. But have you heard about washing your hair with beer before? I’m sure not, but apparently it’s extremely good for your hair.

Researchers say that the malt and beer flowers used to make beer contain an immense amount of proteins that strengthens your hair. In addition the damages caused by tinting, blow drying, straightening, etc. can also be repaired with this protein.

The Alcohol in the beer will provide an extra glow to your hair, giving it a smooth, lively look and feel. However, it should be noted that excessive amounts of alcohol can cause your hair to dry.

Here’s how it’s done

Mix quarter a cup of beer and water each, together while adding 2 table spoons of apple cedar vinegar to it to remove the smell. After conditioning your hair, wash your hair with this mixture. However, this is not be done everyday but only twice or thrice a month.


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